New Music Video “For Rent” Recorded in the Studio

It’s just not worth rushing into a life that has no magic, lacks inspiration and leaves you with regrets. If you settle into a life that you think you need, you will miss out on the life you deserve to have.Comfortable is not necessarily happy and it can kill creative inspiration.

New Music Video just released from @JacquelineJax “For Rent”  :

I’m so glad I finally got around to recording this song. The lyrics will remind you to live with your heart wide open. I once found myself at the end of a relationship feeling lost. I remember thinking to myself, when did I loose myself? Then I realized that pursuing anything without an open heart can make you forget about your dreams. Your inspiration and hope slowly shifts away from you leaving you wonder where the time went? But I promise you that it comes back when you make a change and open your heart to be inspired again.  – Jacqueline Jax


Jacqueline Jax is…
primarily a jazz artist inspired by her cousin, Bill Evans but has been lately recording strongly worded favorites that she wears close to the heart. As she lives passionately, her music typically tackles topics of experience such as life struggles, love and inspirational themes.

Her latest album, “P.S I Love You” can be found on itunes & Spotify and she currently holds the #1 spot in South Florida on the Reverbnation chart .

Her fan base is typically a steady stream of musicians from all over the world who she promotes through her indie music radio show and music industry network: .

In her early years, Jacqueline studied voice with several of the top coaches in the U.S and she has been the Director of Artist Development for the American Vocal Academy for more than 10 years. She is called in by top recording studios from Miami to New York to help New Artists work through vocal issues and achieve new heights during production.

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