Working on the Weekends

jacqueline jax entertainment newsCrazy day yesterday as we are trying to get ready for this months new segment launch. I am absolutely exhausted but excited for the New Segment to start because I’ve been working towards it for a few months. The Segment is on Music News and will be produced live on Facebook at @AVALiveradio . The show is uncensored entertainment, a fun round up of what’s happening in Entertainment News each day. 

Mainly the goal today was to do some practice runs so when the show actually goes live there are less surprises. Things like lighting, audio, equipment and content were worked out.

I even had my makeup done at M.A.C to make sure we had the right looks for the lighting.

The Entertainment News Segment will run around 8pm et almost daily on for 20 episodes. There is no final decision on the possibilities of a Youtube version of the show or audio only versions as of yet but you could see some Beta segments posting on the platform over the month so keep an eye out.

Also reminding me to let you know that this month all A.v.A Live Radio members are invited to perform live on our Periscope page just get in touch to set a date.


Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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