There is no such thing as an easy life

There is no such thing as an easy life but if your lucky you can carefully shape it into moments of smiles, minutes of laughter, hours in love, days that make you feel thankful and years of memories without regrets.

In my life I have had a lot of ups and  a ton of downs and many moments in between. For the most part each day is like a refreshing new opportunity for me to get it right.

I can dream free, there are no limitations, no bullying, no questioning my decisions. I don’t get to hear all the negatives of a conflicted soul. With courage, I am free… And that freedom gives me strength.

Personally I may have made some bad mistakes with the wrong people but I came to terms with the realization that you have to except the things you cannot change and get the people that are bad for you out of your life as soon as possible.

Some of us just weren’t meant to be together. We are all very unique creatures and when you don’t find someone who is moving in the same direction you must have the courage to walk alone.

Struggling with this choice instead of just embracing it causes anger and anxiety, jealousy and possession. Many people misunderstand these feelings to be love, they are not. They are feelings spurred on from the Inadequacy of the other partner as one moves forward and the other does not.

Staying in a bad situation will poison you, it will change you like you’ve never imagined and make you feel sick inside like a virus has taken over your body and therefore your life will change.

Guilt does not work either. There will be people in your life who will throw guilt on you to try to work it out but when it’s done, it’s just done. Prolonging the agony isn’t brave, it’s fear.

Making your break is difficult because for some it must be done slowly and for others more quickly but for both it’s an agonizing choice.  Sometimes even one that you will never want to do again.

They say it takes twice as long to heal your heart as it does to be with someone, I believe that to be true.

But I promise you.. 
your sanity can be found in those little things that you are passionate about.  All of the wonderful things that you do so well and you love to do. Make those happen each day until you heal. Have the courage to live a life that matters to you.


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