We are all just Angels here to inspire

We are all just angels placed on earth to accomplish a little task. I do know that I was meant to inspire and breed passion in musicians who may have forgotten what their journey was really meant to be. There are so many distractions and hurdles but as long as one person is there to guide with light, you will never loose your way. 

Singing is a true gift from heaven. You must protect it like a precious gem. Keep it shiny and Void of flaws. The voice can be stretched and pushed and polished until it’s refined to its brightest form but it cannot be abused. The voice absorbs energy and breathes it’s life through character. Artists learn very quickly that their voice will be there for you after you have paid your dues and emotionally exhausted your physical body leaving nothing left but the pure sound coming from your soul. That wonderful light that shines bright is your life force. This is what you sing with, this is how you greatly inspired your listeners and effect the emotion of those who wish to connect with you. A singer is a muse.. A true artist is here to learn and teach. –   JacquelineJax

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