You’ve Got a Way With Me

A song in your heart can never be caged, it must be free to fly.

When I go through the process of making music, it’s like no other experience I’ve ever had. Over the years, I’ve struggled with the process just like any artists does but now I’ve come to realize that I have 4 defined stages of the process that I go through. Each one sweeter than the next.

Discovery is the first stage. This is when my thoughts take on a more realistic presence. Lyrics speak to me differently than they had before and each song that I listen to now beats so differently as it enters my heart.

Reflection is my second stage. Think of the song like a mirror, look into the glass and see what part of you reflects back. If the story is true to you, then you will see the vision clearly. If it’s not, the journey will be vague and hazy. This is the time when my intuition is the clearest. This is when I just know if a song is right for me at that moment.

Harmony is next. Part of this stage is learning the lyric and the melody but really it feels more like a bond of friendship that forms. I have sung songs that have never left my side. They have at times made me feel so comfortable in any circumstance. Like an old friend that comforts you and walks beside you when you need them. The song gets to know me better than I know myself. If you are a musician or a real music fan, you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling of being profoundly understood. There’s a great comfort in that.

Expression is the final stage. I guess it’s like a performance however it’s so much more honest than acting. This is when everything comes together. Intonation, diction, phrasing, breathe, memories, energy, feelings. It’s all there and it feel great to release it.

That’s why a song must be free to fly.

I hope you enjoy the new music video. I made it for you. It’s mostly a thank you for being so supportive of everything that I do.



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