My Life is a Gift

There are days when the lyrics speak for me 

and moments when music is a kiss, 

but the best thing in life is when both come alive 

and for this my life is a gift. 

When I was a little girl my Mother focused on two things, education and music. She knew how important both of these things would be to my life and my future. I remember not really wanting to take piano lessons. I think every musician has been through those times when the traditional lessons didn’t make as much sense as the creation of art. Now that I am a little older I realize that the discipline was very important to the overall outcome of my character. Now, all these years later,  I am so grateful that my Mother knew the importance of developing my artistic abilities as well as my traditional education. I have the freedom to create because my talents were developed and nurtured. That’s one gift that just keeps giving to me every moment that I use it. 


6 thoughts on “My Life is a Gift

        • Music, poetry, live radio, blogging. Jax, you are doing more than what any average human being can even dream of. I seriously don’t know how you get the time and energy to do so many things, and that too so gracefully. The question now arises, are you really from this planet?

        • That’s always been me. I’m creative very day and I love to push myself. It helps me feel alive. I learn new things and the amazing creators around me inspire me to do what I do. I’m excited to create a website where that’s reflected and I can interact with my fiends projects. I want us all to be able to share what we do in one place so we aren’t all looking for each other all the time.

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