Life Is Not An Emergency 

It’s tempting not to wake up in the morning and allow my excitement for my projects to take over my life. Sure, having a passion for what I’m doing is really important and most definitely a driving force of my every hour but balance has to be in there somewhere. 

Still even though I take breaks, schedule in time for myself, and try to meditate often, I find my mind racing towards an imaginary finish line that I will never cross. I won’t ever cross it officially because as I reach one goal, I start to plan for the next. 


This whole entrepreneurial loop happens often when you’re excited about the future and very invested in building a brand. It can be exhausting and at times make you feel panicked even when things are going well. In fact, I think when things are going well you are even more tempted to push yourself harder. And that puts your body in this constant state of emergency. 

I work in the music business and it’s a very fast paced subculture filled with creative and sometimes egotistical personalities. People are continuously moving and challenging themselves and others. There’s a lot of competition and everyone wants it to happen yesterday. Under all of us lies a serious undercurrent of anxiety among creators with this ever flowing misconception about age and time in the industry.

I really do understand the frustration and I feel for their anxiety. But every new business owner has to realize that building a strong brand and self-sustaining career takes a lot of time, energy, knowledge, strategy, and experience. My best advise is, if you don’t have all of those things then you have to invest money and time into gaining that knowledge before you can make a move. 

When I am in full focus mode the minutes turn into hours and the alarm on my schedule shifts into something I don’t even hear. That can be dangerous. When you feel yourself sliding into that zone you have to find a way of stopping yourself. Back off and take a deep breath. Remind yourself that life is not an emergency and if you don’t stop to enjoy what you have accomplished and reward yourself in someway for that then you will lose your way.

That’s why I came to my blog today to write this to you. Because if it happens to me then I know it can happen to you. 

Life is not an emergency. There is no time limit, you set that for yourself. And your goals and desires… those are self-designed as well. There is no man standing over you with a whip and no music industry master to please. It’s all on you. Your dreams can be anything you want them to be and accomplished in a time frame that works for your life.

One thing I feel very luck for is that the A.V.A Live Radio community continues to draw in the nicest group of creatives that you could ever be involved with. It’s almost as if we have created a good people magnet and sucked in all the happy people in the industry. We are a team and we all seem to be able to grow with each other. It’s a great feeling to be part of that. 

Now as long as I can calm down my impatient mind and learn to reward myself more often, I to can focus on the reality that my life is not an emergency. 

I love how you all continue to be there to remind me. …

Lots of love..


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29 thoughts on “Life Is Not An Emergency 

  1. Wow Jacqueline! Thank you for your amazing blog post. I can feel your energy and know what you mean. I can relate and I too must learn to sit back, pause and create “me” time.

    Unfortunately, I have spent the past few years helping everyone else around me in the time of need but forgot to help myself. I know the risk and one day it’ll come back. I’ve learned many lessons over the past years and patience is definitely on the top of my list. lol. I believe everything happens for a reason; for good and or bad. I know many people aren’t happy with my decisions or choices but they are mine to own. I own up to all of my decisions and choices; even the bad ones. The only way to dig out of a hole is own up to your failures and mistakes and embrace them; only way to grow and move on.
    We come across people during our lives as a blessing or a lesson. I’m very thankful and happy I got to run into you Jacqueline. I enjoy reading your daily posts and amazing positive quotes! They make me smile and to remember there’s more to life than just working to pay bills and fill in the gap that society has planned for you. Take risks, strive to accomplish your life goals and dreams and NEVER GIVE UP! 🙂
    You have an incredible heart, mind and soul. I appreciate everything you do for yourself and everyone around you.
    You light up the day for people that start out in the dark. Never stop being you and never stop reaching beyond the stars; I believe you have a lot more to accomplish. 🙂 stay positive, stay safe and keep an open mind.
    Thank you Jacqueline.


    • Hi T. Thanks for the letter, that’s really awesome. I’m glad you like the quotes and all the journal entries. I’m thinking maybe it might be a good book one day but for now at least it’s my own little space aside from the high paced music and marketing world. I think it’s important that you respect yourself, you can’t help anyone and less you’re there. I also think that you made the right decision based on the information that you had to make that choice at the time that you made it.
      It doesn’t make any sense to regret because we learn from our mistakes and if you live with regrets all you’re really doing is living in the past. Perhaps it’s the dreamer and me that’s always looking towards the horizon line, I’m not sure. I just know as far back as I can remember, I have always been this way.
      Savor the day and keep working hard to get to the place that makes you happy. You never know how long that’s going to take so don’t forget to live. 💗💗


      • Thank you for your wonderful reply Jacqueline. It means a lot. I know I can’t dwell in the past just gotta look back and see how far I’ve come…and see how much further we can possibly go. I do believe I’m on the right path and where I should be in life; I guess I asked or wished for it lol…I know it’ll all make sense soon. I Never thought it would or could be this hard; just gotta keep leveling up to the new challenges that arise in front of me and overcome them.
        Thank you always for your encouraging and motivational words. Yours truly help me out a lot haha.
        When I’m down and think negatively I tend to look up inspiring/motivational quotes and from those who went through hard times and rose above all of their hardships to succeed in their life goals.
        I want to have that story of my own and I know I will.

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        • Yes everyday. Look back and see how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned until you don’t have to look back anymore. You’ll will have your own dream achievement one day soon. But you do already have a great story.


          • Yes, thank you Jacqueline.
            I always appreciate your kind and beautiful words.
            Yes I agree, we must concentrate on what lies ahead that’s why our car windshields are bigger and clearer than our rear view mirrors. ☺️🙏

            Thank you I know it’s been a long bumpy roller coaster ride but my story so story couldn’t be the story that it is without the amazing people I surround myself with. I and others couldn’t have done this alone…and I thank you for helping me get through some of my toughest days.
            I will outlast the struggle. 🙂


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