Unbecoming everything that isn’t really you

Maybe the journey isn’t about becoming anything, maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you and discovering who you were meant to be.

 Do you believe in destiny? I do. 

I truly believe we were all meant for a purpose. Some to teach, some to learn, some to inspire, some to support. 

I know I’m learning more and more about myself every day. 

Those little discoveries that really aren’t so small. When you learn them, the moment is fleeting but the wisdom is so impactful.

I think we are all fairly romantic at heart. Dreams are romantic. They invite us to examine the present and look forward to the future. I think it’s the present that I have the most trouble with because I’m a dreamer. I can’t be content with my current situation because there is always more. More goals, more dreams, I overcome one hurdle only to challenge myself with another. 

Taking on the world that I see in my mind sometimes seems like a never ending story. But what a great story it’s been so far and what a journey I have in front of me. 

I hope you’ll come along….


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5 thoughts on “Unbecoming everything that isn’t really you

  1. Very beautiful Jacqueline. I do believe in destiny and also believe things happen to us to put us on our own unique paths in this journey called life.
    Just gotta roll with the changes and go with the flow to grow into the person we are meant to become.

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