Telling a New Story

Story telling has become a part of our daily journey as creatives.

Years ago we didn’t have these amazing tools available to connect with each other. Today, it’s actually become popular and acceptable to share your daily creative journey with your friends and family on blogs, social media and even video.

Enter 2017.. when live streaming becomes THE way to check in.

Yet, the conversation of “Putting in the hours will make you successful” is drawing attention away from focusing on the talent. Keep in mind that when we talk about the time and dedication involved in making a music career, that’s assuming that the raw talent exists.

** Being relevant as an artist should never overshadow the value you can offer in your work.

Make sure your not spending so much time being “RELEVANT” and not enough time ensuring that the quality is there. I think that raw talent should never be refined, it should be nurtured and shaped to the artists vision. When you master that, you’ll find your audience.

That thought actually leads me to one of my announcements.

This week, I’m going on a journey of my own. I’m going to be re-building this personal website and sharing the process with you in a way that I’ve never done.

I’m going to be live streaming during my progress as I tackle the challenge of designing my own little corner of the world. Savoring the journey and being excited for today is very important to me.

The journey, not just the end result. You have to learn to enjoy and savor all these times. These moments of examination, of planning, dreaming, letting your imagination just fly free. You will never get these moments back.

So as the sections of the new website are available to be previewed, I be live streaming the walk through and talking about how I’m making my vision come alive. All the notifications will be pushed out on my email list so be sure to sign up for it. (see my signup box for email) 

What’s in the New website?

Photography, Music Videos, Vlog Short film narratives,  Live Streams, Live Radio Broadcasts, Jax Daily Diary, Live Chat Rooms & music performances.

I have a huge vision in my head for a space that will reflect everything that I’m doing when I’m doing it. Many of you ask me where I’m going to be broadcasting each day, so I’m building you a space where you can find me and join the live shows while they are happening.

So why am I’m building this? 

Because you all have been wonderful to me over the years and I’m listening to what your saying. I don’t want to even 1 day of what’s happening in your life from music to film creation, your blogs, your new discoveries. 

When you allow me to use my website to connect directly with you from one place every day, we can be closer than ever. You’ll never miss a moment your looking for again and I promise it will inspire you and effect your life in a positive and lifting way every day!

I hope you’ll be here with me for it.


This Morning: Music Marketing rant on

12pm et: Twitter talking to my peeps

1 pm et:  Instagram Live and stories

6pm et: Join me Live at 6pm et on A.V.A Live Radio for New Music Monday :
I’ll be sharing my top picks of this week in Indie Music.

Then 8pm et: Watch the Live Stream
for a look inside my next big project and some of your most asked Q&A’s answered.

Hope to See you tonight..


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