{New Music Video} Adagio


I’ve been looking forward to recording my own version of this song for a long time. It’s been one of my favorites for years. To me, Adagio is about love, passion and having a deep need for another. So much so that your willing to sacrifice anything just to be with them. The song also talks about that fear of loosing the love you have and expresses that desire to hold on tight. It’s a beautiful song, one that I’m so grateful to be able to sing.

The question that always comes to my mind is.. Do you think she ever knew Adagio? or was he a fantasy?


My mother helped me to produce the song and has always supported my singing. Without her pushing me to work harder, I would have never discovered my true talents. When I was very young, she heard me sing for the first time and wisked me right off to singing lessons. Fortunately she had the connections to get me to the very best instructors to reach my potential which I am still striving for each day. Even though I still have alot to learn and so much more to accomplish, I try to pay it all forward by working with artists myself whenever I can.

Enjoy the song. 🙂
Own your own copy: https://www.reverbnation.com/payment/purchase

The Prayer Jacqueline Jax MusicJacqueline_Jax_The Future_Inspiration_ When_You_Were_My_ManJacqueline-Jax-Hallelujah


Milan Heger : Your version is great.
Jacqueline Jax Thanks for making me smile.

Tracy Timberlake
the song was awesome!!! i love the bridge/climax part. beautiful!

Ann Webster Beautiful

Dan Castille you are such a spirited person Jacqueline….beautiful

Sandor Halako Keep up the good work.

Docdivatraveller awesome

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