Armed with Strength

Jacqueline Jax

When things aren’t going your way it’s easy to get down and adapt a defeatist attitude. I speak with music artists every day who have given into the mental epidemic that the music business is hard and an impossible career to plan a life around.

Have you ever wondered who started this winy campaign?

I see two groups of people in every industry. There are those who have given into defeat before they even get started and those who arm themselves with strength and vitality to attack their goals each day and build that business they dream of.

Letting someone else tell you that an industry is hard, just makes it harder. It’s your mind set that prevents you from making money, achieving an award, living your dream. Telling yourself that your industry breeds nothing but starving artists, will certainly make you one of those. You are killing yourself before you even start the day with dread. It weakens you and prevents success from coming your way.

Don’t drag yourself through life with a weak mindset. Become a victor instead of a victim and you can change everything. You can’t rise above the image you have of yourself.  But you must realize that no one can give you the confidence that you need to get though life. You have to create  your own light each day or darkness can creep in. You have to make that decision to be that person in order to have it.

Be careful that the dark forces aren’t infusing their bad attitude into your mind. You can’t accept it into your life nor give in. Arm yourself with strength all day long by starting each day with a strong mental attitude that defies all aggravations, hurdles, and setbacks.

If something gets in your way, say that’s ok because I can change it. If you had a plan that didn’t work out, learn from it and change the plan. Try to adapt your mind to the circumstances around you. See that glass half full and the universe will fill it the rest of the way.

Get up each day like a warrior armed with strength. Be the change you need to have in your life. Remember that you have that power to endure anything that comes your way with the right attitude.

For me, it all starts with a simple spark I wake up with each day.  My mind is prepared with a list of tasks for me to get into the right mind set. I start reprogramming my mind with strength, determination, and positivity from the moment I rise to when I fall asleep at night.. My thoughts are focused on helping others, being the change that I want to see around me, and moving the needle forward one step at a time.

Each goal I meet has a new goal in front of it because I am a seeker of knowledge and I know that my creative mind needs challenges to grow and stay inspired so I give it what it needs to feel satisfied and content. I don’t look for the end of anything, I cherish the beginnings and the process of making that happen.

Say to yourself, I am armed and ready for this day. I will not let the opinions of others influence my mood nor determine my ability to achieve. I am blessed with this gift and meant to develop it so I can inspire those around me to accomplish their dreams. I am not in competition with anyone else because I am unique and I will let that special light that I have shine though.

Even if your working in a job you hate, know that you have the power to endure it. Have faith that even if this job isn’t the place for you, you can still enjoy your days and enjoy your life. You’ll find that the positive energy will reward you with the opportunity to change anything..

Success is yours when you arm yourself with the strength to make it happen.


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7 thoughts on “Armed with Strength

  1. I am not in competition with anyone even though sometimes it feels that way. I know that my gift is unique. I CHERISH it because God gave it to me to bless people and share his love. I’ve had to overcome not having the help as some have yet God sent me what i needed. I’ve had to overcome being a victim of domestic violence and a failed marriage. Je sent someone that loves me. I’ve had to overcome rejection and not having enough money to do what i think I needed but some how creativity steped in. I’m standing by the grace of God even when i could have took my life I didn’t because of my gift and purpose wouldn’t let me. I believe in my gift. I love positive people. Enjoyed your story. Thanks for listening.

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  2. A State. Of. Mind
    If. You. Think. You. are. Beaten , you. are .

    If. you. Think. You. Dare. not , you. Don’t .

    I. you’d. like. to. Win , but. You. Think. you. can’t ,
    It’s. Almost a. Cinch. you. Won’t .

    If. You. Think. you’ll. Lose , you’ve. Lost .

    For. out. Of. The. World. you. Find .
    Success. Begins. With. A. Fellow’s. Will-
    It’s. all. in. the. State. of. Mind .

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