Look for opportunities don’t wait for them

Successful people don’t wait for opportunities to happen, they go out and make things happen for themselves. Two common factors I’ve observed among the greatest influencers of our time are hard core dedication to achievement and innovative ideas. 

Dedication is exactly what it sounds like. You have to absolutely love what you do and believe that it’s going to contribute something wonderful to both your world and to those around you. If your end game is just to make money, then you will have a rough time building a successful business because your heart won’t be connected to your customer. Having a deep passion for what you’re doing is important in order to excel beyond anyone else with a similar idea. Remember that your journey is what makes you unique. Discovering something you’re passionate about and then living through that development is the story we all want to hear. 

Innovative ideas typically come from the discovers need to solve a problem. Many times those huge ideas are a result of figuring out how to conquer your own mountains. The best marketing for that comes from the stories along the way and the product sells itself as a result of a hard journey. 

I read something today about a company that has seen more success than they ever imagined as a result of starting with their story first. They established a foundation by simply talking to an audience before products were ever developed. As their audience grew, obvious demand for particular products came to light. In a sense, the company allowed the readers to influence the development and direction organically. By listening to their needs the blog turned from content creator into a company producing products that people wanted to talk about. The power of word-of-mouth on social media became a much larger marketing voice than any dollar could ever pay for. This is a great example of today’s success stories in any industry. 

It may seem romantic but it’s actually our true reality. This year will mark the beginning of the story tellers value in the market place and those who walk their own authentic journey will inspire us all with not only their story but their products as well. 


Share a part of your story with me below. I’d love to know more about you. 


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