The Secret of Change


“The Secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

This message always crosses my mind when I see that someone close to me is in distress. I think of it in a similar parallel to the saying “Stop being part of the problem so you can focus on being part of the solution”.
It came true to light the other day when I saw someone close to me getting deeply depressed. They were confused, upset, depressed. Life had shifted out of perspective and every problem became a mountain of more.. piling on top of the previous one. Nothing getting resolved, just pulling them deeper into confusion.
Instead of walking away and loosing a friend I decided to become part of their solution by taking a day to help them direct their energy to something more worth while. I helped them get to the root of the confusion by lending an ear and helping them research a different perspective. Then I stayed in it to draw a road map for their future.
I didn’t try to cure a problem that I didn’t know how to solve, nor did I allow myself to be dragged down by their unresolved issues.
I did it because someone I cared about needed help and by helping them to see things more clearly based on my own knowledge, I knew that they would be able to find some peace and forward motion to their life.
I did it because in helping others, you discover more about yourself.
I did it for a million little reasons but mainly just because I could.
So the next time you see someone in your life that you CAN offer SOME help to, don’t add to their distress by turning away.
Try to become part of their solution, that relationship will give back more to you that you could possibly imagine.
Be good to each other. 🙂





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8 thoughts on “The Secret of Change

  1. Hi, Jacqueline. We just connected on Twitter so I wanted to come by to visit your blog to learn more about you. Love your 7 days of success approach. I am an author who just published Get Glad: Your Practical Guide To A Happier Life. My mission is the help motivate and inspire people to living happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. I’ve also written Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself. So, I’d say you and I have similar missions. Come by to visit me at


    • Hi Harry. That’s great. I love those topics. I looked around your site. So much to see. 🙂 It does look like we have a common direction and focus. I just recently interviewed 2 book authors who have written books very special to them. It was interesting to listen to their perspectives and helping them shape up their brands. If you think you may want to work on a story together for American Pride Magazine and the radio show. Both of those audiences would be good for you. Hope to see you back on my site again soon. 🙂


  2. Hi Jacquelinejax,
    Thanks for your message on twitter. My name is Joseph George and I am the founder and CEO of Fullness of Life Ministries. I recently published a book called “Rap with a Mission: How Rap & Hip-Hop can be used in Missions & Evangelism”
    I just released my latest E.P called Super-Hero on the 2nd of January 2017. This is my latest project. I am looking to publish a comic very soon


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