Making Your Style Magical

They can imitate your style but they can’t imitate your creativity.

If you just be yourself, you will always be the original that stands out in a crowd.

 Style is often defined by what we wear but I think it’s so much more than just the outer shell that makes our style noticeable. 

People can copy the clothing we choose; however, they can not imitate your style because that comes from within. 

Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live and how you react. Having a style that’s identifiable comes from deep inside first. It radiates to the outside without effort. It’s very personal and when fashion fade, style continues.

If you are sad, it effects your success. If you are happy, enthusiastic, passionate your bringing more of that to you. Those shifts define your personal style as well as your fusture. 

 I have always understood style to be an expression of who I am without having to speak. To me it’s so much more than a great pair of shoes or a shirt that effects the way people see me. Sure, what I wear does define me on the outside, but the person I am within is what makes my style magical and memorable. 

How do you define style??

Do you focus on clothing style or attitude to express your style ?

Maybe it’s a little of both. 

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11 thoughts on “Making Your Style Magical

  1. Hey there – love the article – I focus on both. I like to think of myself as a little bit of an anomaly. I’m a country music singer/songwriter who lives in New York – with a little bit of city style and a whole lot of country music in my heart.

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  2. Ms. Jax,
    New to your articles, and find them informative, entertaining, and inspiring. I am a multi-instrumentalist and actor interested in being part of an artistic and musical environment that is organic, spontaneous, unpredictable, undisciplined, and confrontational. I am interested in working with individuals that are inclined to discover new ideas in the name of self expression, and creativity.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!
    All the best,
    Steven Sane

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  3. Great read Jax!! So true! Very beautiful pics as well.
    Thank you!
    I’m just the laid back guy who enjoys wearing tshirts, shorts, sandals, jeans and when its time to dress up nice I can make it work 😉
    I don’t like to dress or act intimidating; more times than not I just want to look inviting, warm, open and accepting…Not trying to make a statement or prove something.
    I’ve just finally learned to be myself; its taken me many years in order to do that bc I was very shy and insecure growing. Now Im getting more confident in myself and as a result my life has changed in many positive ways 🙂


    • Yes you are. And finding and being yourself is so important. I think alot of creative people work so hard at their art so they can discover more about themselves and develop a voice somewhere along the way.


      • Thanks Jacqueline, I appreciate it. I’m still learning lol.
        You’re absolutely right. I definitely have discovered more about myself by pursuing and creating my own art that I never knew. I believe we all have that ingrained inside of us…it just takes us either shorter or longer than others to discover it. You have certainly discovered yours and able to share your gift with other artists. I myself hope to soon share my gift and vision with many others not just here in the USA but around the world as well to help create a better place for all. 🙂

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