Chasing Awards

When you see people who have received notoriety for their work, you typically see humble and introverted creators who were so focused on bringing life to their vision they never stopped to consider how they would be rewarded for it.



Those who strive for innovation and perfection in their work don’t look to be praised for the end result or awarded for greatness. Their purpose for sharing it with the world is to make a difference and effect lives in a more impactful way. That in itself is the ultimate reward.

Chasing dreams and making visions become a reality is something that offers value to your life. Chasing awards is a shallow existence filled with empty compensations rarely received.


Why do you create and what matters most to you?

2 thoughts on “Chasing Awards

  1. Great post Jax! So very true!
    We all have goals and dreams and ultimately they should be geared towards helping people, animals, nature and or our planet. I know one day I want to get my Mustang and have fun, a house, start a family; the American Dream. I have many goals that I would like to accomplish but the ones that make the most sense at this particular time in my life will be prioritized as such.
    My main goals are my vision. My vision for the yachting industry; along side some of the greatest minds in the industry.
    What I have learned through the years is the more you give back and focus your energy on helping others, the more you will receive back in the long term. I know I haven’t achieved them yet, today or tomorrow but there will come a day when we do. All you have to do is believe that there’s something bigger than yourself; a brighter and better future for yourself and others around you to benefit from.
    Think positive, do good things and it’ll all come back. Chase your dreams, create a vision and make them happen!
    Have a great day Jax! 🙂

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