Collecting Scars


Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises. Maybe it’s about collecting the scars that prove I showed up for it.

Those scars are the result of tests that I did not fail and I’m happy for them because I know in my heart that I was able to be strong. I’m still here and my mental toughness meter is charged and ready to go.

Experience is a priceless collection of knowledge that comes from living. It teaches us all things and if we meet it with honesty and courage it does build character.

Our lives are a series of experiences, some that will challenge you so hard you may not be able to breathe. You may feel beaten and suffocated, panicked at times.

You’re not alone.

As the years pass, I have learned to be more patient with myself. Even if others are not, that’s ok. You can’t please everyone, nor should you have to.

I keep high expectations in my sights with hope as the anchor and confidence as my foundation. Experience has improved my resilience and shown me the importance of consistency.  I depend on these traits every day and I am so thankful for them.

Sometimes they look like scars from battles won and lost but I cherish them because they mean that I showed up for this life. I didn’t sit on the side lines.



I’m glad your here..
What has been your biggest lesson learned?



6 thoughts on “Collecting Scars

  1. Jacqueline, I whole heartedly agree with your personal observation of each of our individual travels on our road through this Life. This past year I released my second CD, Something To Believe In (Milton Madonia, on , You Tube, Amazon,Spotify & elsewhere) which was a completly different Musical Path than my first musical outing.
    Although I have taken a different musical path with this CD, I feel that I have stayed true to my heart. It is completely different yes but it is still Musically me , Just another of the many musical facets of my soul as an artist!

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  2. Wow. Great post Jacqueline! Loved this one. You just described my hardest couple of years in a nut shell. You’re right you have to collect your scars and use them as a learning curve to hop on your stepping stones towards your goals and dreams. You’ll conquer your challenges that lye ahead because you become strong enough each time mentally to move on.
    I believe that your posts, periscopes and amazing inspirational quotes have definitely helped me in my darkest times to overcome my challenges and rise above them and keep going until I reach the finish line.
    As I reach my goals and dreams at the finish line I must not forget to keep learning, achieving, adapting to the next chapter of life and its next level of challenges. I have learned to never be comfortable but to always be on guard and try to be a step ahead. Most of all to make sure never forget to Live. Its been hard to truly live during these struggling times but I know my hard work, dedication, suffering, struggles and sacrifice have paved a way for me to live the life I have once dreamt of, many times once imagined. I will do it but do it in a way God, Destiny, Fate or whatever you want to call it has it set up for me.
    I’m gonna do it.
    Hope you have a great evening Jax.
    Thanks for the wonderful post. 🙂


    • I’m truly happy to hear that you have found inspiration in the stories I’m sharing. I’m just really trying to be honest and share what I’ve learned and how I get past my hurdles. It’s therapeutic for me. Plus many of these start from private discussions I’ve had with artists about life during pre-interview. I have no idea why I love to write about these topics but I think it’s part of my song writing process. So you’ll no doubt see some songs come out for these. 🙂


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