Is YouTube our future ??

Talking about the differences between YouTube and Facebook , periscope, and other video platforms. Is this our future and how we are changing as human beings as a result of social media.

Is authentic content the wave of the future or is it right now and something we must all embrace for 2017. Video content is shifting and it’s changing really quickly. How do we all fit in and how are businesses having to change it up to be valid in our well educated minds.


Let’s talk… Leave your insights below.


Jacqueline Jax

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10 thoughts on “Is YouTube our future ??

  1. Hi Jacqueline
    I agree with everything you said from the perspective of a user.Searching is very easy with a huge amount of content. The issue I have with YouTube is it is difficult to attract people to your site if they don’t know you. A very small percentage of Videos go Viral.In order to use YouTube to promote your Band you have to use it in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter and people like yourself and your services. Then YouTube can be a great place all around to use

    On a side note I am very impressed with your sincerity, knowledge and openness presented in a very pleasant way. You have no “Airs” about you except for what you present on the “Air”. Can’t wait to speak to you tomorrow night at 7:00 PM.Here is our latest single on,yes,Youtube


  2. I agree with you Jax! I think video usage online is booming! Especially in real time or Live feeds because everyone wants to report the news or their own news first. I don’t blame them! But I also do believe people have become more aware of false news being spread across the net regardless if its political, science, music, boats, cars doesn’t matter. We have now become a society of “fact-checking”, which isn’t a bad thing but those who put news out there better be willing to accept the consequences of putting false or negative information out there…People’s lively hoods and businesses have been ruined by posting or reporting stupid, false, derogatory, negative postings. Those who post or video themselves in a positive light, like yourself 🙂 have been able to use it to their advantage and zero in on their fan base, their customers, their family, their employees for recognition. The ability to use social media for good is incredibly VALUABLE for not just us humans but for wildlife conservation, natural studies; social media can be used for almost anything and everything. 🙂

    I don’t post many videos personally but for my future business it is absolutely key and vital to report key events either in real time and or in a timely fashion to highlight the news on what ever you are covering in a matter of the materials to grow so they can understand.
    We will have an entire marketing department dedicated to social media and video platforms due to the extreme exposure by using these social media platforms.
    I believe Youtube has finally adapted to the market because 2-4 years ago I believe they were losing ground to your bigger social media platforms but Im glad they’ve caught up.
    I will be looking forward to the future and what it may bring to all beings on our beautiful planet. The future I believe looks amazing with new markets, technologies and ideas being created.
    The future is yours. 🙂

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    • Unless Facebook develops a much better way of sharing, organizing, editing video on their platform like we have on YouTube I can’t see them ever being judged the same way. I still go to my YouTube app open it up and watch the videos like regular shows and channels that are favorites as well as discovering more. It’s fun.


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