When You Were My Man


This song really speaks to me. I started recording it as I headed into a heart breaking situation of my own. In fact, I was so upset I couldn’t face recording the video. But one day I woke up and realized that even though I was sad, it was even more sad to see my life changing because of my troubles.

Even though I lost a relationship that was dear to me, it was more important to take care of the relationship that I was neglecting: the one I had with myself.

You see I not only lost my heart but I lost my trust, my faith and all of those wonderful things that I enjoyed about my life everyday. By the time I recorded and released this video, I got all those things back..

The experience most certainly has changed me but as you know with healing comes experience. Maybe I sing just a little bit better because of it.

We shall see when I start recording some new music.

Thanks to all of you who saw me through. This songs for you, thank you for your beautiful letters and uplifting support. You know who you are.

xoxox, Jax

Jacqueline Jax

Although my previous album was filled with much older songs that I have always wanted to record, I have done some additional songs that have been requested in the past few years.

I typically sing what moves me rather than be limited into one genre but I definitely have my own style that tends to want to run free as often as possible. Most times when I’m recording a cover song, I’ll try not to listen to the original artist to much so I don’t get influenced. My secret to staying true to my own sound is just getting into the studio, pushing record and letting myself go. The best take is usually the first one.

I actually love the imperfections, I feel like it sounds more real and I know that first take is typically where my heart is going to be the most in touch with the song. After that, I start to sing with my head and as an artist you know that’s never a good thing.

Jacqueline Jax When I Was Your Man

I don’t like to live in the past, I’m always living in the present and the future holds so much more amazing music for me to record. I will never stop exploring that part of me.


Music Store: http://www.reverbnation.com/JacquelineJax
More songs here:: http://www.Youtube.com/JacquelineJaxVideo

You can purchase the songs by download on itunes and the newest releases can be purchased on www.reverbnation.com/JacquelineJax .









Juan Alberto Rojas G Perfect!

Weekend Concierge ?

Philip Meade Aww, why? You can always come by for a visit (long drive) and I’ll cheer you up.

Lupe Uribe · Friends with Jennifer Storms and 42 others
Why what happened?!?!

Dave Prince (((((hugs)))))

Wally Frontera sending smiles happy faces : ) )))))))

Garland Fahrner What can I do for you

Roger Gonzalez When I feel like that I tell my self, feelings are feelings and that’s all. It helps me snap out of it.

Wayne Apgar
Wayne Apgar's photo.

Stewart Simone aww

Raul Cuellar Hope things get better soon

Ender Moreno for you to make you feel better
Ender Moreno's photo.

Bill Buffington What’s wrong?

Joe Zachara What ever can one do to bring a smile to you? Is everything OK?


Jacqueline Jax It was a really bad day.

Jacqueline Jax Thanks everyone.
Yesterday at 7:25pm via mobile · Like · 4

Moses Mitchell Why
Yesterday at 7:29pm via mobile · Like

Peter Guzzardo There is always another day! Take a bath, have some wine, and relax

Imam Sumaryono Cheer up. Hope you feel better soon

Jimmy Pawlowski no baby …..why ?????

Jennifer Waagner If I was there I’d give a (((((((BIG HUG))))))). I felt that way the other and a friend did that, it was great! Feel better beautiful.

Dani Sydorenko I’m so sorry. will be thinking of you!

Eric Gajewski Praying..To Jacqueline and friends:)
Have a blessed Christmas in advance and thank you

Douglas Matamoros Oh no, beautiful one. Life in general is full with sad moments and plenty of upside downs. In our search for meaning we have to look for the teachings in any situation. Cheer up, you are super well liked and many look for you for inspiration.

Douglas Matamoros Oh no, beautiful one. Life in general is full with sad moments and plenty of upside downs. In our search for meaning we have to look for the teachings in any situation. Cheer up, you are super well liked and many look at you for inspiration.

Keith Miller I wish you the very best. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Ronald Johnson I only feel sad since you’re not with.me! Stop into BGB on 33rd Street at around 9:00 PM. Tomorrow to see Randi & Ron! Leave me a message at 954-731-2000!

Cathy Martin Mezo So sorry!! hang in there!! xoxo

Paul Bianchi · Friends with Mickeys Bar Crystal River

David Grant Williams Stay strong and carry on Jax~

Albert Bae Awww chin up~ cheer up!!!

Jacques Varicourt We you, Jacqueline.

Jaime Amaya Why? You have so much to thank GOD for!

Jaime Amaya Your show makes SO MANY SMILE & HAPPY!

Jaime Amaya So many people LOVE YOU!

Peter McInroe why my friend whats up

Joe Haynes but GOD loves you ………

Angela Ivie Waldman Glad I get to see you today to give you a hug. I had the holiday blues two days ago and Jim came home with a surprise Christmas tree for me and set it up. Not bad for a nice Jewish boy. It really made me so happy. See you later gator.

Eileen Sharkey Count your blessings and cheer up. Tis the season!

Xabier Mendive Sanz Why, Jacqueline?. ¿what happened you?. I love you, Jacqueline Jax!. lol.

Joe Zachara Jackie, my personal words of wisdom… Every day is a happy day, some are just happier than others…you were not sad you were just less happy. Today will be a happier day!! joe

Jacqueline Jax Thank you everyone. I’m feeling much better today thanks to all of your messages. It’s a pleasure to know all of you. Unfortunately I’m going thru a separation right now and it makes me sad especially around the holidays. Loosing someone close to you is never easy even if it’s for the best.

Dave Simmons So sorry Jacqueline Jax. Hang in there, be strong and try to enjoy the holidays. Things will get better. Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts!

Andrew James Wilson Hang in there Jackie! A latte from starbucks should make you feel better!

Jacqueline Jax Meeting my friend for Starbucks to today. Will be thinking of you while I sip my late.

James Shatney Have an awesome day.

Angelo Castellucci Noooo

Rick Shaker Don’t Worry Jackie! Be Happy! There Is Love All Around You! :o)

Jacqueline Jax I am so thankful. Feeling the love everyone. Lovin you right back.

Joe Zachara Jackie, all you have to do is call me and I will cheer you up. You know I am capable of it.. You do not deserve whatever it is that is having you down. Your too beautiful, talented, and smart for all that. Make the best of it. And by the way just picture me sitting in a diaper, on your desk with a big ass pacifier or bottle. That has to make you smile, I know it did!!

Todd Rosenblatt JJ You have the world in your hands. Smile and thank God you have so many gifts

Jacques Varicourt A wonderful ballad… touches my heart. Good job, Jacqueline.

Ron J Oliver I am sending you lots of hugs and kisses Jacqueline xoxox

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