The Value of Your Time

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I was watching a vloggers video the other day as she revealed that she had no idea what she was doing with her life.

She has spent all this time creating video reviews and writing blogs to the point where she had neglected all other aspects of her life.

The videos focused on looking unrealistically perfect with just the right lighting, hair, and makeup. She had all those typical popular qualities like candle burning in the background, the furniture was the “Acceptable” color, brands sent her things she didn’t really care about nor want to use and she followed protocol making  positive reviews for cash.

In the end she had a massive following but for a channel and blog filled with stuff, nothing that she said she was proud of. She said she felt like a fraud because the content was created for views rather than quality or talent. Years had been dedicated with countless hours spent in her room all alone filming, editing, writing, posting and advertising… then doing it all again.

Like a fake review machine.

It made me think about my life and I appreciated how  lucky I was to have built a brand that I am proud of and that serves people in a more meaningful and unique way.

I think when your planning your path, it’s really important to NOT go down the road most traveled. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing and definitely don’t create something that lacks evergreen content production. Build a brand that stands for something special and also stands the test of time.

It would be terrible to look back at any point and feel like you sold yourself short and wasted the valuable time you have on something that wasn’t fulfilling to you and to those who experienced it with you,.

What are your thoughts?

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