Creating a Positive Meaning making Machine

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Training your mind to stay in a confident space has a lot to do with how you feel and think about yourself. Sometimes you have to make it a habit by repeating actions that enforce this.

It’s different for everyone depending on your up bringing and what you were exposed to when you were young.  It’s also reflective of how you feel that others feel about you. You can’t be around people without absorbing their energy. That energy effects your space so it’s important to try to shape that space for you to receive back good energy.

I feel that one of the basics that I try to incorporate into my life to produce good karma energy and a feeling of wellness is to make others happy. It’s not that you need to become a people pleaser, the theory I have is more about developing your own habits of positivity that hopefully work to produce that energy field around me and what I do.

If you can take what you love to do,  direct your focus on building a brand that incorporates bringing value to other people into your daily message and service, that become a catalyst to build your own confidence and produce a successful outcome.

Of coarse, building a successful business requires other factors like hard work, strategy, consistency, and the business must be scalable but building a brand that brings yourself and others enjoyment has the ability to explode the immediate sphere around you and effect others.

When you can effect others in a good way, that good energy can’t help but become a sharable and thriving entity that will keep giving back to you each day.

That needs to be the focus of your daily goals and actions.  That needs to be the real plan.


5 thoughts on “Creating a Positive Meaning making Machine

  1. What I like … I like how you think, I have not met a woman so busy in all but also beautiful, you see, people meet and learn from each other … Much success further and I expect you to leave in Romania … I SAVE!

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