Behind the Mic Episode 1 JAXDAILY Working with Brands and Building Influence



Tonight I kicked off the 1st Episode of Jax Daily Behind The Mic. The episode is long because you all had so many questions so I promise the next ones will be shorter than the Premier but I think you’ll love this New Series.

On the schedule for up coming episodes are:

  • Behind the Scenes of my photoshoots
  • Making music in the studio
  • Live feeds from the radio show interviews
  • Insights into the music business from my skype calls working with musicians
  • Speaking with music industry people about the future of the industry
  • How to build your personal brand on social media
  • Hair, makeup, fashion, style videos
  • and lots of chats that are sure to inspire you..


Any suggestions for video??


My personal youtube channel is located here, I’ll be answering all the comments and following your channels for the first 1/2 hour of every video so turn on the notifications :


Congratulations to DONNIE LEE ANDERSON for being the first to comment on tonight’s video, sending you an autograph photo. 🙂

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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