Seek respect not Attention, It Lasts Longer

Attention vs Respect…

Attention is demanded, asked for and imposed upon us all every single day. Especially on social media.

It’s comes at you in your Direct Message box, it’s left on your social media timeline, it’s sent on email… Attention is demanded everywhere..

But Respect is earned..

It may not come to you quickly and it’s not something that you can demand. Respect is a product of your hard work, It takes patience and consistency. There aren’t many people that can earn it and if you do you must work hard to maintain it.

It’s easy to mistake the two concepts especially when a social media post is fleeting and everyone is striving so hard to be recognized and appreciated for what they do but if you are passionate and dedicated to your craft. If you live the journey day by day.. keep it real.. be honest with yourself and others. Those around you can’t help but feel respect for your hard work.

7 thoughts on “Seek respect not Attention, It Lasts Longer

  1. You’re absolutely right Jax!
    I know a handful of people that demand respect in which neither of those individuals deserve any of mine but I’m a better person then they ever will be. I’ll play their game but I won’t tolerate any disrespect especially when it’s thrown at me or at any of the people I love and care about. In my book, blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. I don’t respect these individuals as good human beings. I just see through the forest and listen.
    You earn respect through your actions, your words, how you treat others and what you do for others. Your character and your integrity will speak for you and no one can ever take that away, no matter who’s talking.
    You’re a very inspirational person Jacqueline. A mentor, motivator, goal-seeker, and above all a great friend.
    Thank you for being you and inspiring so many great people to achieve their goals and dreams through their music and passions.
    I respect you very much Jacqueline and you deserve everything you’ve worked hard for.
    There’s always going to be trolls out there no matter what you do; so stand tall, be proud and continue to be you.
    We know what you’re about and you’re a great person who means well with everything you do.

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    • Thank you for the terrific message T. I appreciate your words of encouragement. As I keep growing it gets more difficult in different ways. It’s really a fine line to walk when your getting attention. I’m discovering more every day to even watch little things that may bring in the wrong kind of attention. It’s a much better move to pursue quality and value slowly than quick attention. I know for many people, it’s hard to understand but there’s nothing like the support that earned respect brings to you life. Long term it’s totally worth the hard work.


      • You’re very welcome Jacqueline, anytime. 🙂
        Yes you’re absolutely right. Quality and value is much better than quick attention. Earned respect is vital to anyone’s future. The position I’m in now is bc I’ve earned the respect, trust and loyalty of certain individuals in the yachting industry. I’ve proven to them that I earned the right for the position and opportunity. Even though the path I chose is a difficult one, it’s the right path. I’ve learned a lot thru this time and it had to happen. There’s no way around the struggle.

        I’ve been just keeping to myself lately, really nothing to talk about until I receive everything to come back to FL. Just working and managing to stay a float.
        Some people just wanna be in the know and know every detail about everything and I quickly shut them down. It’s truly none of their business.

        I’m just doing me, staying positive, taking it one day at a time and learning what’s best for me. Everything happens for a reason Jax. Just keep working hard, staying busy and all the stars that are suppose to align for you will indeed happen. 🙂

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