What have you learned this year pursuing your dreams?


I’m always looking to improve my life and discover new things.

In fact, tackling this video “10 things that I have learned” was a great way to make me realize that although I still have a large check list of things yet to be accomplished and learned, I still have achieved so much more than I expected.

I think sometimes I’m moving so quickly to develop ideas and get tasks done that I don’t give myself enough credit. Often I have to remind myself to breathe.

The most important thing to me overall was staying inspired and feeling like I lived each day as well as I could. I also tried to appreciate myself more and value my time.

In the past years I didn’t value my time as much as I should have so that’s a lesson I’m working on perfecting. Time is what we don’t have a lot of and I find that it’s time that keeps me from living my dream so looking at ways to do that for myself are very important.

I’m a work in progress. But aren’t we all?




11 thoughts on “What have you learned this year pursuing your dreams?

  1. hello sweet jax, Are you missing me already? I know you are!!! Cause i do miss you all the time. For someone i have never met in person its quite interesting i must say. How are you? I was sort of very busy yesterday really!! I went to help a friend cast a deck. (construction work) yeh!! i definitely use the hammer, saw, power tools and build houses. well!! not much any more. Not after i got back my inspiration, but if time do permits i will definitely. Hopefully i will go for a quick ran today.

    talk later have a great day!!!

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  2. Hey Princess, I just had a vision a few minutes ago so i decided to share it with you. Its about my brother named Nye. I have eight brothers and sisters i am the eldest. Chrisie died when i was about nine years old. Which lives us with seven. My brother Nye he is the second he is a customs officer, there is Enan, Randy, Janel is now in Canada with two kids, Anisley and yehkima my youngest sister she is about twenty. The vision about Nye my second brother, i saw him cleaning my home that is the second time i have seen him in a vision, funny because he never really comes to my home he is the only brother in my family with property and myself. I also have two other sisters on my fathers side named Lornet and Nickler. i have built five houses the first three houses burnt down two the ground including my car that was packed next to it that day in question. Then after that dreadful occurrence i built an upstairs and downstairs house. From there, at that point realized my path. i totally cleansed myself from materialism pursuits. In essence the pleasurable extravagance of this dying world does not allure me any more. Hence the reason i found my love and passion once more through another vision. So every thing and circumstance and getting to another step is about a dream or a vision. Any way back to my previous line. I used my road bike to go to work that day in question, I am also a national cyclist. Though running was my thing at high school it was always between myself and my rival named shader who was brutally murdered ( Chopping)a couple years back. Funny i was also told by that same person that any thing i do here in st.Lucia through work i am doom to loss everything including Ladies.
    Well!!! that is a dreadful predicament if you ask me. They told me i was born to the head of the family through my art singing to the world not working an eight four or nine five. Any way back to my brother Nye hence that vision came to me today it was as clear as day, my second brother cleaning my house and my mother sitting outside in the balcony. And i am relating to him that my father and mama fashioned evil against me. So there it is whiles every body is happy and joyous i am going through hell on earth in relationships work friends everything in my life and now the table is about to turn.

    Lots of love.


    • I sent you six songs the last one is a beat i created for a song i have coming up on a rap album. titled ” Moving on” the other songs are super hero, wanna be, give it up, always in my dreams and only you.
      Thank you for everything jax.

      Lots of Love!!!


  3. hello Jax, I am writing this note to you concerning your brief recording. For some reason i feel a little guilty in that regard really i do! i have a multitude of engagements so i do not know exactly the extent of every thing pertaining to my computer and its engagements. But what i do know is that i would not do any thing to hurt you, or to be malicious in any way or even more so be condescending in any manner. I am in grave turmoil and despair you are my only hope out of seven billion human souls on this planet, i would not dare take such a silly chance trust me!!

    yours sincerely


  4. hey jacqueline, i can really feel your vibes in every way trust me. I am also working on a new piece of music, a rap piece. ” Although that is not really my genre, but it was necessary because of its content!!” its about my struggles from my childhood growing up you will be the first to receive a copy.


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