To Make You Feel My Love

"To Make you feel my love" is a gorgeous song that I wish I had written myself. It was written and recorded by Bob Dylan. I also really like Billy Joel's version. This recording was the 5th song on the last full album 'PS I Love You' music project available on iTunes, Reverbnation, & Spotify. Singing songs originating as far back as the 30's onto today.

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6 thoughts on “To Make You Feel My Love

  1. Get it in writing and protect your publishing rights.


    You’ve just co-written a killer song. You’re psyched. But before you leave, before you celebrate, before you tweet about it, before you do anything else, sit back down with your collaborators and fill out a publishing split sheet.

    Who contributed, and in which ways? What percentage of the song does each writer own?

    There’s no better time to get on the same page with your co-writers than that moment when a song is new, memories are fresh, and you’re all feeling like part of the same team.

    CD Baby has created a simple three-step PDF template to help you and all your collaborators make clear who owns what when it comes to your new original song, how the royalties should be distributed, and more.

    Download our publishing split sheet so you’re ready to get it in writing the minute your new collaborative work is finished.

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    • Great advise. I know this happens to people often. I keep a sheet on file that I give to all my collaborators. It’s just better to define things before they begin. Keep things honest and up front. Makes everyone feel better.


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