Getting past the Storms

Can I just remind you that life is what you make of it…

I’m really excited that so many of you are focused on building your own career and developing your skills. It’s truely setting you up for a rewarding life.

I’ve considered myself a career student my entire life because I never stop learning. It’s intense. When I talk about facing challenges every single day, it’s an understatement.

My life is nothing but a series of challenges. Some are huge and some are small but every one of them keeps me on my toes. It just goes with the territory.

When I’m asked if I would change anything …

My mind always reaches for any ideas of how I can make things better but in the end there’s not much I would change. Thank God for that one because it would be terrible to have regrets.

I think I would really just do more than I’m doing now. Just scale things in a bigger way so I could accomplish larger goals faster and make even more of a difference in people’s lives.

If you’re just meeting me for the first time, I’m Jacqueline Jax. I produce and host a radio show for independent artists (A.V.A Live Radio) that helps artists gain exposure in the right circles from meeting new fans to people in their niche industry.

I am also the creator of the Music Marketing Insider which teaches artists how to build a fan base and community around their music. I’m a creative director for several online magazines, have my own fashion collection and I love to sing.

I’m a big fan of continual education. I think it’s been the key to not only my own success but it also keep me inspired.

Working through major problems keeps your mind innovative.

When I challenge myself to test something out or need to learn something new it starts my day with energy. I typically let those things lead my day and finish my day. Also when I take breaks to work out, I’m always consuming content. So basically I strive for success through knowledge and hard work.

I listen to inspiring talks, audio books and stories about how things are being done, my mind is just really thirsty for more all the time and it’s exciting to learn and then put those things into action.

When I’m able to make it work, that’s really a super high for me. There’s nothing like a good journey to keep you engaged in your life.

Challenges also build confidence and push your mind to become more innovative. I would say in any project or business there are about 25 hurdles you will face as you move along in any week, especially if the tasks are growth related. I know that sounds like a lot but sometimes they’re small and not as noticeable as you just push through them.

But those big challenges, those are the Hurricane Irmas of life. Those huge storms that impact your finances, goals and mental health. They can make you feel so bashed around that giving up may even cross your mind.

My best advice to get through those enormous storms is to stay calm and think it through.

Direction is so important.

You’ve got to really analyze the problem and measure it against the end goal to judge the value of working through it. Also when you have an end goal in mind, that can help you identify a clear path through the problem.

Of coarse when you get past it, you’ve got to celebrate those daily victories and have your eye on the next challenge. It keeps things interesting.

Mentors are really important to have in your life so build relationships with people in your niche and who align well with your projects and business. I guarantee somewhere along the line you will greatly benefit from developing friendships with innovative people. This one thing will improve your life and help you stay focused.

There’s nothing like seeing a newsfeed filled with innovative and encouraging people who strive for greatness and push you to do the same. That’s the main reason I love social media. You can reach out to anyone and just by following them, you’ve got an instant motivator every time you hit social media.

What’s my last piece of advise for you??

Do what you love. After all is said and done you will never find your purpose if you’re not doing something you are passionate about.

Surround yourself people who share that same energy and take on each day with a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm for living a life that matters to you.

See you back here again soon.



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3 thoughts on “Getting past the Storms

  1. Awesome post Jax!! Thank you for sharing your inspirational and motivational words of wisdom!
    Especially, about the part of the biggest challenges, the Hurricane Irma of challenges. I don’t really open up to anyone anymore to talk bc there isn’t much to talk about except that I go to work, save my $ and come home and repeat. Unfortunately, due to my very strict NDA that I’m under I can’t talk at all about certain things. Its very nerve racking, very mentally challenging bc I can’t say or open up to anyone or talk about things. Everyone thinks Im crazy and most my friends don’t talk to me anymore and I don’t get invited out; it just isn’t fun at all. I truly can’t wait to leave.

    People don’t realize how much you must sacrifice to reach your biggest life goals and dreams. You sacrifice your time, your $, your reputation, you put it all on the line. I’ve missed weddings, get togethers, sporting events, the opportunity to ask a girl out bc I can’t afford to even buy a her a drink. I truly can’t do anything, I’ve sold nearly everything I own, you put your life on the line and you gotta see it through to the end for the greatest beginning of your life.
    You risk it all! For what?

    You risk it all for your future, your family, your vision, your ability to help thousands if not millions of people! You do it to help the environment, the animals and our planet. You do it to give a chance/opportunity to others that are struggling or fighting to get that one chance to prove that they are worthy for the position! You do it so you can help others. You do it bc its the right thing to do.

    You find your purpose and your why. Those are the 2 biggest factors that an individual needs to find in order to be successful and live a happy life.
    Things happen for a reason.
    I found my purpose and I have learned why. This is meant to happen to me, Im suppose to be here to learn, watch and listen.
    Despite everything that has happened in the past almost 3 years I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wasn’t ready in the beginning even though I thought I was. We weren’t ready.
    We are now; and once we get started, its going to be extraordinary!
    That is what wakes me up in the morning and or keeps me up at night; the love, the passion, the good we are going to bring to the yachting industry and out. The precedent that we are going to set is going to turn heads and hopefully start to change industries for the better.

    Thanks for listening Jax. Sorry I think I wrote a novel. I needed to vent lol. Haha
    I really needed this read today. It’s been an absolute struggle these days but I know the end is near and I’ll be returning to FL soon.

    Your positive words and wisdom always put a smile on my face when Im down and I truly appreciate what you say and do.
    Your an amazing person filled with positive thoughts and energy.
    Im happy and honored to know you and call you a friend.
    You’re awesome! Never stop being you and never give up on your goals.
    Thanks again for your advice.
    Hope to see you soon!

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  2. Excellent words, crafted so nicely. I feel so encouraged and blessed at your articulate synopsis; but yet also rendered so bluntly, The scale of my past and current calamities are just simply inconceivable by most who have really seen and understood. For been inflicted with generations of negative karma’s upon one soul from birth and taking an innocent good karma upon the said generations is quite an understatement to say the least. The enormity and scale of which i speak, is not one you should see from your vantage point as been just hurdles, Cause every one born into this world are born with their specific hurdles some they overcome and some just plainly can’t stand it so they resort to alcoholism, weed, cocaine and so on………… You need to fathom its not one soul but many stretched out into many generations, well!!! i guess one might understand one day. But what i can say about all this unpleasantness is that, it has gifted me with a wealth of wisdom and truths.


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