What keeps me motivated?

What keeps me motivated…

At this point, my motivation comes from the people who read the articles and listen to the music. The responses and the questions keep everything moving because when your on a journey with others, the energy of that momentum drives you forward.



The music that I create is not strategic. It doesn’t need to be. I’ve learned that allowing my listeners to guide me has been the smartest move. Pretty early on, you helped me determine the best tone and sound that fit my personality. It was surprising because being a recording artist, you tend to want to try different things. I love that your game for pretty much anything that I want to create but it really helps me to make choices when I’m on the fence regarding a trend.


The trends may try to carry me away but you always keep me on coarse. That saves a ton of time and keeps me focused on what I do best.


Sure I could definitely just do my own music and fashion as a full time career but I’m able to offer so much value to the A.V.A Live Radio music community from the seat I’m in right now. At the end of the day, I feel accomplished from doing the work I do and I love all the great friendships I’ve developed for this.



My work…

in publishing, marketing and our music community at A.V.A Live Radio …
I get my content ideas from your questions and most of the ways we serve our clients is driven from pure need as well.

Even though I worked in Artist Development for 14 years prior to what I’m doing now, nine years in this roll has established a consistent rhythm.

When you build a community, you can’t help but go where the network takes you. People have needs and it’s my responsibility to fill them. Of coarse, I have an amazing team of people by my side and the indie artists and industry friends that have come in to support this community make it worth every effort.

As long as I feel that I can contribute my skills to something worth while, I’ll keep doing it. I’m much more determined to spend my time doing something that I love and that offers value to people.

In this chair as creative director, I’m definitely the decision maker but the role shifts as the demand for what you offer changes. It’s still up to me to drive the train in the right direction but it’s the people who trust you that you serve that add to the adventure.

You are both the fuel and the track.

Thanks for being on this ride with me. Who knows where we can go next. 

Host of http://www.avaliveradio.com
Creative director, Editor, Recording Artist and Marketing Specialist


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