Stay on Your Toes

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When you really get cracking on pursuing big things, you make tons of mistakes but really they are just little pebbles leading you to where you need to go.


One day you’ll look back on them and they will seem like faint memories but hopefully the knowledge of how to over come them will still be embedded in your mind. 


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I have discovered that you just can’t plan for what’s ahead.  All you can really do is set some short term and long term goals and work each day at making them happen.

Along the way, your going to learn and make many mistakes but that’s what everyone goes through.

The bigger the dream.. the bigger the challenges..

One thing that I love about doing interviews is that I get to hear the stories of people who have dreams and are striving to make them come true. It’s so inspiring to listen to a story about someone who has faced their fears and overcome huge obstacles.

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Challenges keep us alive. They will inspire you and make you more innovative. If your life doesn’t challenge you, it’s boring.

Easy is boring.. Don’t choose it.. Easy is so overrated.

Hard is invigorating and exciting because you have no idea what’s going to happen but you know that if you don’t make SOMETHING happen, then NOTHING will happen.

Now that’s very exciting.  Keeps you on your toes..



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4 thoughts on “Stay on Your Toes

  1. I don’t usually feel that way; but i feel sort of drained today. I guess relaxing and watching a movie would do me so good. just finished working on that last song but i guess its taking a lot of of me really!!!

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