If you aim higher than your own expectations, you’ll always exceed them.

Jacquelinejax 9-19 A

I’m not sure that this just isn’t genetic because I come from a long line of over achievers. My Mother priorities education and taught me an amazing work ethic. She always says, “The only difference between an expert and fool is education and application”. 

Of coarse the talent has to be there but if you nurture what you have, those skills can certainly make expert level with hard work and patience. 

I think I aim higher than my own expectation primarily because I’m inquisitive. When you’re mind naturally seeks more you tend to find yourself on new roads that you never thought you would take when you started out. 

By the end of the journey, you look back and realize that you’ve long surpassed goals that you never realized you had to begin with. 

How have you surprised yourself this year?


Jacquelinejax 9-19 B

Todays pictures came from my ZTE Pro 13 MP cell phone camera. I think I moved a bit during the shots and my lighting definitely needs an adjustment but the challenge for the next 10 days is to see what I can accomplish with just my cell phone.

I’ll move on to different cameras as I progress.

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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