The 4 Easiest Ways To Overcome Distraction & Do Brilliant Work

The 4 Easiest Ways To Overcome Distraction & Do Brilliant Work
Making a difference is hard. It requires persistence and dedication, which both require focus. Distractions are a real adversary when it comes to making the most out of your day.
The temptations to slack off or procrastinate present themselves every single moment your awake. It’s hard when social media is calling and even other email is from someone asking for your attention.

Here are the top 4 ways to prevent distractions:

1) Identify:
Name the problem. You have an Adversary. You’re not lazy, necessarily. Everyone gets distracted. The first step to slaying this dragon is recognizing what’s distracting you. Once you start facing the problem, you can get to work on preventing it.
2) Own it:
Take responsibility. Stop hiding behind anger or resentment. It’s really easy to blame everyone around you for the distraction but the fact is that you didn’t do anything to prevent it. If it’s happening in a particular place and the same time every day, change your location. if the TV is a distraction, turn it off. If someone keeps bugging you, take a time out for 5 minutes and deal with their needs and then excuse yourself to officially redirect your attention or ask them to get with you in 30 minutes when you take a break.
3) Just do the work:
Stop complaining about why you didn’t get it done and just start now. Excuses are so pointless. Just dig in and don’t wait until last minute. You would surprise yourself at how much faster things get done when you start early. I try to break up regular tasks by approaching them both when inspiration hits and also much earlier than planned.
4) Work smarter, not harder. When we get distracted, we get frustrated and sometimes beat ourselves up. It causes us to get fatigued and that makes you work slower.
It’s unproductive and self-defeating. Write a check list and look at what’s most important and easiest to do so you can get those out of the way quickly. Do the harder items when your fresh and leave plenty of extra room for those moments when your just not feeling inspired.
Just like when I was writing this post. I got inspired to do it by a question someone asked me, so it went quickly. 🙂
If I would have waited and tried to approach it later, writing it would have taken me twice the effort and time.

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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