10 Ways to Attract more traffic to your blog

If you were thinking about starting a blog like mine, I have a great check list for you that will help shape your content and attract more people to your website.


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Attract more traffic to your blog by..

1. Tell Authentic Stories as they happen while they are fresh in your mind.

2. Write more attractive headlines with mystery

3. Optimize your blog to be more search engine friendly with tags, categories and more expressive descriptions.

4. Live stream your blog content on social media

5. Be clever, informative, unique and entertaining

6. Deliver killer content that is most attractive to your audience

7. Share your blog posts to all social media pages in a format that aligns with that social page and their rules.

8. Re-share old blog posts to twitter

9. Ask questions of your readers to encourage engagement and allow them to become more active participants in your content.

10. Teach something that you have developed a skill for that has to do with your content and applies to your audience.




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