Do you have a problem with change?

Do you have a problem with change?

I never liked change until my life started to force change. At first I fought it and that battle was exhausting.
Then I would stumble with it and try to learn or adjust quickly but that was tough as well.
Now I look forward to it because I understand that it’s part of my growth and once change becomes part of your life instead of something that you fear, it’s exciting.
One thing I’ve learned this past few years is that your life and all that your trying to do with it doesn’t happen without change.
And once you’ve come through it, the dimensions of your perspective are much different.
But I promise you will be better for it and much more flexible when it happens again.

Change is just part of pushing through those upper limits.

Ways to embrace change?
1. Acknowledge the change

2. Face your fear of change and figure out what part scares you

3. Confront the initial feeling of fear before it builds up to be bigger than it needs to be

4. Stop fearful thoughts and replace them with a more positive perspective

5. Be flexible. Play music when you feel the most fearful or start to get stressed. Just get in the habit of distracting yourself away from the fear and anxiety so you can change that moment.

6. Become a part of the change and figure out how you will benefit from it

7. Communicate with yourself and talk to others about how your feeling. You’ll probably see that others feel the same way or have been through it.

8. Appreciate yourself.  Start to count your blessings and focus on what you have already made it through. Look at your previous accomplishments and acknowledge how far you’ve already come both emotionally and physically.

9. Push through. Don’t let anything stop you. Continue to do what you do best and learn everything you can from this experience. Just don’t over think this moment. It will pass and you’ll just be better from it.

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