What’s Your Return Investment on Your Time

If time improves your skills and your skill dictates success then what are you doing with your time? Maybe that’s why you don’t move forward.

Thing about your ROI on your time.

(Return on investments}

In college I used to speak to all of the incoming students about time organizational skills. My professor would schedule me to come in to each of their classes and have me greet the incoming orientation assembly each quarter and lecture bout time management. I focused on how to make moments more productive.

How to think ahead on long terms goals and prepare yourself for your future.

So today I ant you to think about how your choosing to use your time. Look at what your quarter goal is and how that directly helps you achieve the long term.

Then go back and see where the majority of your time is being spent and if any of that time is effectively being used to reach the goal.

I’ll bet you’ll find that you have a lot more time distractions than you realize effecting your success.

**BTW I wrote this while I was working out ..iPad dictation is an awesome multi tasking maniac.


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How do you get everything done and still have time to sleep? I’m always seeing you everywhere and it just doesn’t seem possible for me to follow in your footsteps to achieve any level of success on my own. – Joe

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