The secret of your success is in the things you do daily

Every mentor that I have ever had and every day that I have ever lived well has begun with a ritual. Sometimes it’s a simple list of rituals that can make your day successful. For some of you it will be reading my blog over coffee this morning. If you are here as one of your own rituals, then I’m certainly hoping that you find the inspiration your seeking in this talk.

Have you noticed yet that the success of your day directly relates to the way that you start it?

My best days start when I wake up early, play with my dog, sit in my garden and have coffee, listen to music, and read about what’s happening in the world.

I’ll choose from a selection of things: listening to a podcast, sometimes I’ll read a book or a blog post from a friend that I’ve discovered on Twitter.

After that I work out and that’s when I’m most inspired.

The workouts are much more of a ritual than just to lose weight, they keep my mind healthy. When I work out and getting all that good oxygen to my brain, I feel much more relaxed and I get clarity. It helps me see things in a different way.

Being around water also does that. Water brings an abundance of good energy to you that clears your mind and allows you to become more innovative in solving problems. You can take a walk on the beach, sit by a fountain or go for a swim. It all works.

Without those rituals you’re mind doesn’t have a chance to reset and start fresh. All of those amazing ideas and dreams your having need a way to become a realistic part of your plan..

Without a plan, there can be no future and without a future there can be no success. Getting to a successful position in life depends on a consistent series of actions happening each day. It’s not enough to just decide on the dream you must execute it daily.

That’s why I talk about fear a lot in my daily quotes. I think it’s a valid hurdle for all of us. You really can’t take a risk without fear but I do think that fear is blown up in our minds. I’m still a big fan of stopping fear in those first five minutes.

Your Fear of failure will be your worst enemy when you try to move forward. Don’t act on the fear itself, take action because you fear what will happen if you don’t.

I think this concept is way more important than worrying about who might be judging us. Being in the public eye certainly doesn’t come without scrutiny. I experience everything from rude negative people to copycats who think they can accomplish something overnight that takes years to build. On social media everyone has an opinion and of course they are always right. Lol. But let’s just play the odds, we can’t all be right 100% of the time and at the end of the day what is an argument really worth?

When I watch people argue on social media and call each other names it’s an embarrassment. Facebook has become that space that I want to avoid, I actually dread going there. That’s probably why you see me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and here on my blog more often.

I need positive energy in my life to flourish and with so many people on Facebook there seems to be too many political arguments and frustrated failures who are constantly complaining instead of being more productive with their time and making their lives count for something. In fact, most of my mentors aren’t even on Facebook daily.

I think what bothers me most is watching people ignore their best skill to try to copy what I’m doing. To me it just means they can’t face their own fears and they think that my path is easier than developing their own. My sadness isn’t in seeing the copycats, it’s in seeing so many people walk away from what they’re truly good at to do something they see someone else doing well.

Being able to identify your own unique skills is very important in life. If you’re always running after someone else’s dream then you’ll come to the end of your life never seeing your own dreams come true.

I have learned to take the timeouts that are needed to gather my thoughts and stay on track. In order to do this successfully you have to always balance your own assessment of the situations that you’re in with the reality of the bigger picture. If you don’t consider them both at the same time, then you could end up spinning your wheels.

To be the most productive, you have to work consistently and efficiently towards your long-term goals. I’m not going to lie to you and say that you won’t get distracted, you totally will. And occasionally it’s nice to let your mind run free just as long as you’re able to bring it back and regroup to make sure you’ve accomplished what you set out to do that day.

It’s an amazing time right now. I’ll be highlighting their stories in a book I have coming out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

What’s your day look like?

Are you learning something new? Are you challenging yourself to take another step forward? Is there something in your way that you wish you could get past more quickly?


Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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