It’s Your Story, Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen

Are you looking at your life with the perspective that it’s slowly unfolding or moving to quickly?

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The way we view ourselves and our lives directly effects the level of success you can achieve. As creative souls, it’s really important to have a positive outlook and balanced perspective on all things that are important to your growth. It’s Your Story, Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold The Pen.

I look at my life like a story that’s slowly unfolding. I don’t know exactly what will happen from day to day and that’s exciting. Still there are goals to achieve and dreams to be realized. Somewhere in between the plan the universe has for me and the plan that I have for myself, is that daily story that depends on me in order to exist.

If you want to be successful in your life, never loose site of anything that you currently have the motivation to do. If you think of the many great ideas that pop into your head during the day then are forgotten,  it’s easy to see why you can’t move forward when you set aside the time to do it.

Often you may find yourself wondering around the internet looking for that piece of inspired genius again that you can take action on but it’s not there when you need it.

This happens to me all the time. Life is a beautiful distraction and it certainly can pull you away from turning those ideas into a success story.

I found a way to organize my best ideas and track them so I can make them a reality when I’m most inspired.

The reason this is important is because being a copy cat isn’t the way to tell your own story. You need to document those amazing ideas and be able to take action on them when your at your best.

All of your own ideas make up your story and what is uniquely yours.

So how do you start using those brilliant ideas to tell your own story and contribute to your success?

I have an organizational strategy that I can share with you that may change the way you write your story and make your results more personally satisfying.

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The first part is deciding what you really want.
What’s the outcome of this moment in time for you? Why do you think this is important to you? What’s exciting about this idea that will make your life better or offer value to your story?

When you learn what your end goal is it will transform the way that you focus at the right times and work efficiently towards the end goal.

I have always been a big fan of reversing my strategy. I like to start with what I’de like to accomplish and work backwards to determine the key steps in making that become a reality for me.

This specific process allows me to brainstorm ideas with purpose and it promotes innovation because I’m actively engaging my mind and my experience to figure out the most productive path to success.

“You can’t determine your most productive priorities when stress is a factor.”

Stress is dangerous because it becomes a reactive process that disrupts your health and ability to create and take action on your plan. This is why it’s really important to find out what helps you keep your stress level down and make sure that becomes a part of your daily routine.


Time is the killer of all dreams, finances and productivity.

How you spend your time directly relates to the outcome of your reality. Let’s think about the end of your day. How do you spend it? Are you using those extra few hours to prioritize your next move? Are you furthering your education? Are you developing your skills?

How are you using time to create your life story?

This is important because you can’t grow if you don’t give yourself the time to evolve in your own way. It’s tempting to become impatient for a particular outcome, but your going to have to realize that one success isn’t going to be the end of your story. Thank God because if you want to stay alive, you must continually be dreaming and planning and developing yourself.

Having a stagnant existence is deadly. Look it up. It’s a fact. 

When I think about saving time, one word always pops into my mind… Leverage.

Leverage creates two things for you. It creates time and purpose which are the main factors in success. Without time, you can’t create the story of your life and if you don’t take action with purpose, nothing gets accomplished effectively.

When I talk about Leverage, I mean tools or people that can help you accomplish your tasks more efficiently. Look at all the things on your list.. Now look at the items that you may be able to use a tool or a person to help you get them done. If that will give you back time, then you can work more efficiently, move forward ore quickly and make the story even better.

See how that all works?
Let’s go over the main points of the plan.

My Check list:

  1. Capture: When you have an idea, write it down and set a reminder to trigger yourself to remember the idea. Capture the mental note but get it outside of your head.

  2. Create a plan and decide why your doing. Make a check list starting with the goal and listing the ideas, skills or steps needed to achieve it.

  3. Make it measurable: Activity without purpose is the drain in your life. Highlight the steps that will be the MOST productive in achieving the goal.

  4. Prioritize : Which ideas will help you make the most impactful and when will then need to happen.

  5. Time: Decide on how long executing the idea will take and then create a visual block that maps out a realistic timeline.

  6. Leverage: Think of how you can use tools or include a partner in on helping you achieve your goals. Time can be leveraged with smart hiring and asking people to help you.

Take charge of your story today. You only have one life to live and you want to make it incredible and interesting.


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