Winning isn’t really about beating someone else

The way things have been going on social media, I can see where it would be really easy for you to slide into a competitive pattern. It’s difficult not to get seduced by another persons profile and think that if you could only get that many followers or a particular amount of likes you would be happier with your level of achievement.

The problem with this thinking is that social media does not show us the whole picture of the artists successes. Social media is a fleeting fad and doesn’t measure anyone’s success mostly because the amount of followers you can gather has no relationship to the connection between that audience and the artist. I’ve seen musicians with hundreds of thousands of followers not able to make a single sale on their music. Sales come with an emotional connection to brand and message not a like on a page.

The reason for it is that when your building your fans base, most people aren’t taking the time to connect with their audience so the page followers may exist but there are no people actually thinking about the artist, their story nor caring about the music they create. It’s not just happening on social media, it’s happening in every side of your business.

The grass is greener theory has been around for years. So why be in competition with someone who is walking a different path than yourself? It’s comparable to racing a ghost. Your the only one in that race and your imagination is setting the finish line.

The important thing that I’ve learned along the way is to set my own goals and be very mindful of my own progress in relation to what I need to achieve for myself.

Winning isn’t really about beating someone else, it’s about being better than you were yesterday and developing your skills so you can exceed your own expectations tomorrow.

Put the time in and let your goals drive you, life isn’t a competition with anyone else but yourself.

Love you guys,


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