Boost your energy so you can Live Life Your Way

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You know my saying: “Just live life your way”.

And that sometimes means that you have to turn everyone off to turn yourself on. You can’t be your best and most creative when people drag you down with them so you’ve got to learn to be there but prioritize your yourself.

Your own momentum and your well being must come first or the show is over.

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Life is going to be hard.
It’s going to challenge you and make you feel beaten at times but that’s the flip side of the gift of LIFE. You have to learn how to handle it and even if you start to fall, you’ve got to figure it out.

Getting back up is a huge part in your triumph over the pitfalls, the other part is staying motivated and focused.

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A tough work schedule, stress or people demands can drain your energy so when your feeling low in the afternoon during your work day, I have a couple of things that I’ve tried that really work.

Aside from training your mind to NOT absorb the attitude and drama of the people around you, these additional things really help to keep you from falling.


My favorite is dancing.

Music really makes a huge difference in keeping my energy up. I update this playlist regularly so subscribe to it and tune in to my list when you need a lift. I listen to it every day. 



I Tried these 5 Ways To Get Over That Afternoon Slump

When your energy if starting to get low during the day try these tips:

1) Bulletproof Coffee (with butter) I don’t like the butter in my coffee but it does work if you like it. Try it once and let me know how you feel. I typically get a Cafe Latte with cinnamon.

2) Dancing Break boosts energy around 12 – 3 pm

3) Essential Oils- Lavender reduces stress all day long

4) Dark chocolate around 4 pm improves your mood and makes you feel rewarded

5) Yoga, meditation: This is just a time out. It’s taking time for yourself to gather your thoughts and cheer yourself on. When your feeling low, taking a break to go outside or just to change your current vibe. It can reset your mind and energy. Singing is included so if your a musician, pick a song a just sing.




Another playlist I think you’ll love:

I’m always adding to this one as well. 

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