Have you structured Your Life To Optimize Your Performance in 2018?

jacquelinejax-diary-12:28bHave you structured your life to optimize your performance in 2018?

If there are only so many hours in the day then doesn’t it make sense that everything you do matters?

Every moment of your life either contributes to or takes away from what you’re trying to accomplish .

From the food you eat  to the  activities you do , the  people you spend time with   and how you spend your mornings and evenings. It all counts towards the enjoyment of your life, longevity and achievements.


“Most people’s lives are structured in a reactive way. In other words, you spend your time reacting to things that come at you rather than creating movement forward.”

For instance, if the first thing you do in the morning is check all the incoming activities then your spending your most creating moments reacting to outside energy rather than spinning your own forward.

If the goal of the day is to communicate, then think about what you can do that will get your message in front of the most people.

The same thought process should be used for creating. If that is the first goal, then head straight into action.


Your first energy of the day should be in doing something that creates momentum forward towards your ultimate goal.



I have given this an extreme amount of thought over the years and found one thing to be exceptionally helpful in optimizing my productivity.

Your best friend is Focus so anything that you can do to create a space that allows you to maintain that is going to be a critical factor in achieving what you’re looking to accomplish.

This may mean that you have to design a space or find a space that gets you out of everyone’s eye line and reach for a period of time.


It’s tough to have to ask for time alone when you have family, friends or people around you so the best thing to do is to leave the area where people will be.

It’s really your responsibility to get out of their way and not their problem to solve. I hope you find your “Focus”, 2018 will certainly be a great year for you if you do.






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5 thoughts on “Have you structured Your Life To Optimize Your Performance in 2018?

  1. Awesome article Jax! Loved it!
    I’m finding my focus now and right after the new year good change will happen! : )
    Gotta keep taking those baby steps and the leap of faith toward your goals and dreams and if you plan and believe enough in them; you can accomplish anything!
    Thanks for the positive energy today Jacqueline!
    Really helped : ))

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