Enjoying a glorious WIN after the Losses

If your feeling like the chips are stacked up against you, take comfort in knowing that the struggle you’re experiencing today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

We are all on a journey and that path has many crossroads that we will reach and hurdles that we will come across. 


Your dream does not have an expiration date nor a time limit on achievement so take a deep breathe and start again tomorrow.

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Jacqueline Jax win 2

The behavior that gets you to the first point in your quest is rarely the behavior that can get you to the next.

It’s important to be mindful of this idea because in order to find success in your path, you’ve got to prepare to evolve. What didn’t work yesterday will not work by repeating that same action tomorrow so your success depends on learning as you go along in order to find a better path that will work for your own growth and development.

It’s the bare basics of what we learn by doing. You can’t learn, if you don’t do.  And you can’t find real growth if you aren’t exhausting every avenue until you find the one that’s the perfect fit for you.

Success is only going to come through a winding path of false starts, moments of deflation and many many losses.

When things get really hard, those are the moments when you have to lean in, not lean back.. That’s your alert siren to DIG your heels in so you can figure out how to go harder and deeper into making things work.

Your not necessarily going to push harder in a direction that isn’t working, perhaps you have to push harder on the education side and then break those rules in a ways that others haven’t defined yet.

Jacqueline Jax -win 3

We are in a time of influence and freedom to go pretty much in any direction we can think of. That’s a blessing. You are not limited by the system, you are only limited by your mind and how hard your willing to work at your idea.

I’m talking about your mind set. A bull headed take yourself as a prisoner moment in your life when everything else falls away except THE GOAL.

There’s no room for complaining. Complaining is for sad people who loose and will never win.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself.. that will only take your energy away. Just grow up and make what you want happen.. Make it real.

Get a plan.. put your plan in motion and then evaluate and re-evaluate.. Be patient and impatient at the same time.


This is what YOU WANT.

So with that in mind, go get it and keep after it.

Only then can you enjoy a glorious win.

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