Quick 5 questions you didn’t know about me

The Unanswered Questions you always ask me

The unanswered questions you always ask me are finally getting answered.

But I noticed that the minute I got done with this video, I received more life questions enough for two additional videos.

I know it seems like I’ve neglected my personal website the last few months due to unpredictable events but I am here to make it better.

From when will I be singing again to how I designed my blog and how I find balance, I attempted to answer as many questions as I could while live streaming in three different places. My website is created on wordpress.

I’m now at 41,000 followers over the year of neglect. I had planned to blog every day but got busy and stopped so not I’m jumping back in for a bit since I’m taking on a video challenge. Do I sleep? Yes I get lots of sleep but my favorite sleep is when I fall a sleep early and then get around 7-8 and can get up really early.

This is how to make entire day just feels so much better. When will I be recording new music? Soon. You should see something new coming from me on this channel by the end of the month. How do you keep your energy up?

I eat really good foods. Very few processed foods. Expresso in the morning, salad in the afternoon, protein for dinner and vegetables. Organic gluten free Pancakes for breakfast.

Is my hair real? Yes.

Live Streams today:


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