This is your time as a creator, don’t mess it up

Don’t just think about doing something.


No one cares if you aren’t perfect yet.

Documenting your journey through your development is the key to your brand narrative and building a business that connects with people.

If you only ever show the end point, people can’t share the journey and therefore you have nothing real and unique for them to personally connect with.

Those millions of little trials and errors and struggles that you had to get through to accomplish one project as a creator is what is most authentic about you.

Talk about the days you get inspired and the days you don’t. Even those days when the negative energy is so thick that you could cut it with a knife and choke on it.

How do you shake it off? Let people help and support you by sharing the struggle. This way when you get to your triumph you have people to celebrate it with.

It’s what people don’t understand about you that leaves a huge gap in being able to connect with an audience.

If you want your project to be understood and you want to seize this opportunity that we have right now on social media , you need to document your journey.

Right now we have this incredible gift of social media to get your story out to millions of people. It’s free and it’s not going to last forever.

You need to be going all in with this now!!!!

Take 20 minutes out every day to live stream somewhere or create a vlog style video and put it on YouTube.. then spend 20 minutes answering comments and exploring what your followers are doing.


That’s something that you have now available to you. Did I mention that …. It’s free and it’s easy???

You just don’t realize what your missing. …


I host a big community of creators at #AvALiveRadio and we are listening to you right now.

We have the door open to bring in new creators, don’t waste this chance to be in our community.


Because getting in with a community of creators that cares and educated and gives you exposure is the best thing you can do for your career and future. You need amazing mentors and we have lots of those. Over 10 years, we have all kinds of creators working with us to. Filmmakers to music makers, entrepreneurs and tech developers.. ❤️❤️

It’s amazing, your amazing and you need to be with us.

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