How to be the master of your day

This may sound funny to you but it makes perfect sense to me. I’m not always looking to master my life as much as people think I am. In fact, I’m focusing on being the “Master of my Day”.

Let me explain.

I guess there’s a part of me that likes to break big jobs into smaller pieces. It allows me to feel like a task has been completed so that I can recharge my energy and attend to the next one with a fresh perspective .

This mindset when executed consistently has brought me a lot of success along the way and I’m sure that it will take even the most overwhelming things and make them feel more realistic to you.

In fact, I believe it will help you finally be able to make headway on those long-term goals that you’ve been struggling with.

Mastering my day is about a lot of things. It helps me be more in the present moment, it helps to build my confidence while I’m trying new things and it allows me time to adjust both my pace and my plan for the future.

If I didn’t only want to master my day, there would be some days when I probably would push snooze 50 times on that 7 AM alarm. Life just gives us all too much to handle but if you just try to make it a successful day it doesn’t feel like it’s so overwhelming.

The entrepreneurial side of me loves to take on the challenges and I have no fear…. that can be a problem. The reason why it’s a problem is because I’m not afraid to shift direction at any moment and change my future. That comes with being fearless and knowing that you have the confidence to achieve whatever task you set out to do. The flipside to that is finding yourself going down a path that you thought was great but didn’t entirely think through.

This can cause you to lose a lot of valued time but if you’re only trying to master your day , then you have that moment to rest and reevaluate before you make big mistakes.

But not to worry. If your only goal today is to Master that one day then any small set back can be cured and the next day is still far enough away for you to sit down with your gratitude journal and a glass of wine.



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