Daily Vlog Sunday Funday 1994 oh Boy

A side from working out and making some healthy meals, I managed to record a new podcast episode about building influence on Instagram and we grabbed some video for my next vlog .. busy day so far but I think I would just sleep if I weren’t busy anyway. I think being busy really gives me purpose. Lol.


**Audio Podcast Experience : “How to become and influencer”


There are very few minutes in life where we can really make an impact on others but I managed to accomplish a day of them. One minute at a time.


At the moment, I’m training about 50 clients each month on how to grow their channel, create better branded content and also how to gain consistent organic growth. It’s a fun project that I’m enjoying because I get to see them celebrating their wins every day.


What I’m teaching people to do:

– More followers joining their instagram profiles

– Better reach on their posts

– More personal engagement on each of their posts and in the live streams

– Understanding how to use hashtags so you can rank as a top influencer in your niche.


If you want to get the training and join my pods, just start here with a One-to-One session where I can help you with your strategy and personal narrative. We will also discover how instagram will work for you as we explore all the amazing possibilities for establishing an audience and monitizing your page.

Then once we have finished our appointment, I’ll move you into one of my Instagram Learning Pods so you can start learning and applying what you’ve used and comparing notes within my instagram community members.

It’s an amazing experience and something that will help you build your business more quickly, organically and with the most impact:

Start here:



In this age of the internet, we have this moment in time to be able to build a brand from our skills. How amazing would if feel to leverage what you LOVE to do as a career that can make you 100,000 a year or more just by being on your phone.


It’s an incredible time for the “influencer” of today and also has become a vital part of market sentiment across many businesses trying to sell their products.

For instance,  the success of many businesses today are being attributed to the fact that a famous influencer with just the right niche  audience is interacting with their business.

From fashion to food and even little boutique hotels, people seem to want to follow the advice of people who inspire them. With social media having such a huge impact in the world today it is now easier than ever to understand why marketing has shifted to this word of mouth advertising we like to categorize as cryptocurrency. (definition: a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.)


The world of the digital asset is shaped by these influencers and their power effects the markets strengths and weaknesses.


That’s why it’s important to know that the ability to influence people has always been around, but the availability to build that influence quickly with DIY marketing strategies hasn’t until now.

That’s what everyone’s so excited about.


Influencers are people who are able to get others to engage with a business simply by virtue of their pedigree in the market niche or in society.


Their opinions and sentiments are generally held in high regard and they are able to influence the general majority of the total people who follow them. Their klout is defined by engagement, traffic (click through rate) and sales. (how much revenue is driven as a result of this influencer)

In the cryptocurrency space, these influencers are CEOs of their own major crypto-based businesses, developers, creators, bloggers, video vloggers, instagram brands, etc.

Sounds crazy right. Well believe me I’ve been working online since 1994 and it’s real. This is a moment like we have never seen.

Hope you had an awesome Sunday.


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