Your mind is a super computer

Did you know that your mind is like a super computer that produces only what you train it to do.

If you keep putting in negativity, you’ll keep getting more negative energy back. But if you start creating a process of practices that you can sustain for 21 days, you can reprogram your brain computer.

Your mind is a super computer

I recently discovered 10 things that help you to reset your mind and promote positivity in your life. This is also an excellent practice to make you more productive and bring sustained success your way.


1) Water: the first thing you should do every morning is to drink a full glass of water. When we sleep out body dehydrates and your brain needs to stay hydrated in order to work at optimal levels.

2) Breathe: oxygen is essential but as we move throughout our day we don’t always remember to breathe deeply. Shallow breathing habits cuts down your energy and brain activity. I like to do yoga and mediation at least twice daily.

3) Learn: you’ve got to push your brain to learn something new every day. I start every day by google searching things that I’m interested in. I read inspirational and success building content. I’ll seek out articles from writers that I admire or listen to a podcast. At least 2 hours a day are ddi aged to my own knowledge. Never let your brain sleep without learning something. Every new thought you have, creates more connections within your brain. I also have he luxury of being able to talk about what I’m discovering each day on my interview and with friends that are around me.

4) Supplements : make sure your getting the right foods and nutrients so your body functions at optimal levels. What you eat is the fuel that your body runs on so if you don’t put good things in, you’ll never have the stamina to manage your life let alone your day. I love blue berries, avocado, mandarin oranges, eggs, peanut butter, whole wheat toast, dark green veggies, mushrooms, carrots, celery. All of these are brain food. Sometimes I’ll make a protein smoothy when I discover need green recipes. If I don’t eat right, I get really tired so this is a focus of my every day activity.

5) Positive influences: you’ve got to surround yourself with positive peer groups. I’ve build them on Instagram among the artists that I’ve worked with. It helps them not only to learn a promotional skill, but the communities they are part me inspiring space that they enjoy and can feed off of to stay motivated.

6) Sleep : sleep is essential. You can’t function without it. Even if you don’t sleep the right amount that makes you feel rested, you can always take a 20 minute nap.

7) Stress management: stress creates cortisol and it’s terrible for brain function. When you have too much stress and you don’t know how to manage it, you can’t live your life the way you should be loving. Stress hurts memory and productivity so take that time out each day to make sure you decompress. There are so many ways to do it for exercising to isolating yourself with some calm music. Try to produce a restful state for at least 20 minutes to reenergize and get some relief.

8) Journal: gratitude journals offer amazing benefits because they remind you of what you should be thankful for. When you have to write those down each day, you start to honor yourself and build confidence. Improving your confidence helps you to become even more productive and brings positive energy to you. It’s also a great idea to write down your intentions for the day. It will help you align your accomplishments as you start to arrange your day ahead.

9) Exercise: starting your day off with a workout produces so many benefits. Workouts produce amazing power and energy in your mind and body. It encourages massive amounts of oxygen to circulate through all your systems and sets up a forward moving pace for your day . You can’t be a super hero if you aren’t strong enough to accomplish what you set out to do. That’s both physical and mental strength.

10) Clean up: take the time to make your bed and clean up your space. You can not function in a disorganized mess. Take that time out to clean your environment and get things organized before you start your day. I also spend about 10 minutes each night putting away things that are just lying around as I prepare for the next day.

So that’s how I roll each day outside of my work responsibilities and passion projects. But without each of these routines, I would never be able to do what I do. My accomplishments are tied directly to each of these 10 steps.

What key things are you doing to improve your health, productivity and success each day?

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