The 6 seconds that make an amazing impression on anyone

The first 6 seconds of meeting anyone both online or in person can make a huge difference and impact towards having them in your life in the future.

In my many days developing connections with people in my industry, I have learned that it’s the small things that I do that make the biggest impact on people.

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Those little things can make an amazing impression and instantly start to build a relationship moving forward. Perhaps it my genuine interest in people that aides in the impression that I leave but I know that these things have become my habits. They are the reason that I continue to grow both my following and contacts.

  1. Make a great impression by remembering someone’s name. When you first meet someone, seek out their name. Ask them about it if it’s an unusual name and try to associate the name with something familiar so you’ll remember it. Then use their name often as you speak to them and refer to their work.
  2. Believe: I think we have all become really great at determining the fakes from the qualified individuals but be sure to look at who your getting to know so you can commit their credentials to memory and qualify their expertise.
  3. Take an interest in what they do:
    Everyone has something that they do well. As a journalist, I’m genuinely interested in what people do and that attitude has helped me to lead my friendships into work relationships. It does take a little time, but if you ask people about their projects, typically they are only too happy to let you know about them. You’ll enjoy the story and you’ll probably learn something new as you discover more about your new friend.
  4. Think of how you can work together in the future:
    It helps you remember the person if you think of ways that you can collaborate or work together in the future. When you meet someone in your line of work, you don’t need to suggest a pairing right away but as your learning about them, think of ways you may be able to involve each other or cross paths again. That’s a wonderful way to involve people in your projects and gather an amazing team of skilled professionals who can work together in the future. You never know when something will arise that will be a perfect fit to make that future project better than anyone could ever have dreamed of.


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