The best ideas flow like music

The best ideas flow like music.

They come to you easily and inspire you to act with feverish intensity.

You gain energy from the flow and your drive to it by a passion for realizing the dream into a reality.

You want to touch it, spend time with it and give it a life.

The journey becomes your focus as any fears start to fall away.

That’s how you know it’s a great idea.

That’s how you know where to spend your precious energy and time.


Jacquelinejax June30

What’s your BIG IDEA right now?

My latest is to expand my brand. It was a natural progression and something that ultimately was going to happen eventually but opportunities to expand just can’t be ignored so it’s time to push a bit harder in a few directions that I feel are beneficial to me.

The small beginning of those progressions are in my content. You’re starting to see more fashion, beauty and lifestyle themed content coming out on social media and those sections if you notice have been added to my website already.

The prep work is done and the journey is in motion in small ways. You’ll see alot more unfolding over summer.

I also have a new unboxing video just posted (see below)


Jacquelinejax live life

Just live life your own way.
Your path shouldn’t look like anyone elses path.

A playlist to feed your Summer projects.





  • oldtowntonic“The journey becomes your focus as the fears start fall away” ummmm I’m gonna use that. Brilliant.
  • lisamittsI’m looking forward to a couple of weeks with no performances so I can just listen for those new songs and be in that creative space. Love that picture too 💖❤️
  • jacquelinejax@oldtowntonic Go right ahead I can’t wait
  • moreno.ender💘💖💘♥️♥️💘💖💘
  • al_namr_abu_ali💋💋💋👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • al_namr_abu_ali👏👏👏👏👏
  • al_namr_abu_ali💋💋💋💋💋👍👍👍👍👍
  • darinjellisonmusicSo good, Jacqueline.
  • thatchrisleeThe journey becomes your focus. Perfect. Great photo too!
  • thekristinmouraLove the outfit. Your thoughts remind me of one of my older tracks.
  • terrweislederSo very true Jax @jacquelinejax beautiful pic as well 😎🌹💙🙏😊🙌☺️
  • thecocoscottAbsolutely—energy flow is so important!
  • terrweisleder@jacquelinejax you’re welcome Jacqueline. : ) oh nice, that’s great! Hope she has a great pre Birthday weekend celebration! ☺️🙏🎂😊💙
  • zitabarbaraWow, you are doing great with your photos!
  • pflames❤️💜💞🧡🖤💓💛💚💙💝💞💓💗💖💘
  • karisakay76Yes absolutely and that’s probably why the song I started writing today did not go anywhere. It is not my passion write now. Country is about my pain and Gospel is about my gain!! I need to focus on my gain right now!!
  • jaecabreraThat’s the best feeling! When everything just flows ☺️
  • karisakay76@jacquelinejax yep I was like well this is not flowing!!😆
  • soundsofimaniGreat look as always
  • saif_ali_qurashi😮😮😮
  • amirwolfwithinIdeas flow in and out all the time, that’s what makes a journey worthwhile
  • homerikofficialAmen! You always speak the truth! Plus love this photo!
  • taliaperezmusicEvery caption you write could be a quote lol it’s so good👌🏽👌🏽
  • homerikofficial@jacquelinejax haha! I love to use my galaxy s9- @th3gatherer some phones have the best camera options these days! The Go Pro should be amazing! Please tell us how it is! Always wanted to get one.
  • erika_adolfssons@jacquelinejax Exactly👌🏼🙏
    Reminds me of my daughter @feliziakmusic
    Please listen to Felizia K Chameleon Girl written among Jorgen Elofsson


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