Awaken Your Inner Warrior


It’s time to celebrate your inner warrior.

Just as the Spartans were known for inspiring soldiers from ordinary citizens, you can awaken the warrior within yourself.

When things go wrong, we sometimes obsess over how terrible or hopeless the situation appears to be but warriors do not.

A great warrior learns to overcome any challenge and suffer the pain in silence as he faces his highest fears. Even when knocked down, there are no tears for blood and no need for trivial sympathies.

A warrior seeks to act with the confidence of a strong sword walking victoriously into battle even before the war is won.

He is victorious because he has already learned to conquer his fears and look beyond the immediate fires.

He is the rain that has come to extinguish the flames while receiving a front line education much more extensive than any formal classroom could ever provide.

Life is a powerful educator of people, you can use it to to change the world or loose yourself in protest.

I admire you for winning that battle with yourself today.



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