How to be heard

Jacqueline Jax july 16

If you weren’t early to the party on social media, then you’re probably having trouble getting heard in this really noisy social space.

But social clutter isn’t a reason to walk away.

I still see large cracks breaking open for people who are just getting started to fill those cavities with gold.

See I believe that…

You don’t thrive because there’s no one else around, you thrive because your passion for what you love shines so bright that no one else can bask in that same light anywhere else they go.

I’ve seen instagram accounts reaching their first 100,000 followers and continuing to gain traction. I see youtube vlogs and internet blogs rising up through the crevices, even twitter and facebook are showing huge new communities emerge with new influencers leading the way.

I just think the trouble with most people is they don’t understand how the platforms work and also seem to be missing a level of empathy in the way they speak to their audience.

People want to be inspired. People want a break from the lives that they have and we want hope for a life that’s better. We want to feel understood and less alone. But we especially want to trust and be able to count on those who inspire us.

So how do you inspire?

In order to cultivate a following you’ve got to be on a journey that only you can forge.

You’ve got to find interesting ways to express it while clearly defining what that journey is.

You’ve got to be consistent so people can trust and count on you.

Be yourself because an original is valued so much greater than any copy. An original is brave enough to stand alone and shine bright all on it’s own.

The struggles, the triumph and all the rocky roads in between would only ever be interesting when told by the wanderer.

It’s an authentic story… and

That story of your passage past crossed roads and uphill hikes is created by you and lived by no two people the same way.

That is what you possess that has the power to be heard.


I would love to hear part of your story. Why don’t you tell me about it below.

What are you working hardest toward right now?





  • kalvinj.evans@jacquelinejax I love that you give hope in regards to how to make it in social media. It’s been such a tough thing for me to crack for so long so I really appreciate how you break it down for us…

  • jacquelinejax@kalvinj.evans Your welcome. I try to think about it from a new perspective each day to try to empathize with what may be going wrong for each of you.

  • darinjellisonmusicSocial clutter is right! Finding a path has been an interesting part of the journey.

  • jjacquelinejax@darinjellisonmusic I’m always open to learn and it’s become a daily challenge just to help others find their way.
  • lisamittsYes very true -there are always crowds in every industry- it’s those who shine bright and keep pressing forward to the high mark

  • caramel_dmvSocial clutter is a good way to put it! But at the end of the day….it is about having that drive & passion….it will determine your destiny…Basically create your own lane and drive in it. 🤗

  • carmentoth111I’m always happy to get some light or give some light 🤘🏻❤️

  • thatchrisleeThe beauty is you can succeed and stand out by being you. Not by conforming to the trend like in the past.

  • thecocoscottI agree 🙂 I’ll check out the new story!

  • chwmaestroIt’s always about tools and connections to help get through the clutter. Nepotism is a neutral agent for good or bad. We must remember that we all work through interpersonal relationships!

  • alan_garmonswayYou always help us take a step back and see things through a more positive lens, thanks

  • camepro_2017Thank u . Great smile

  • cultfantasticTrue that, Jacqueline!

  • jacquelinejax@alan_garmonsway your welcome. I seem to be doing that myself all the time as a way to reflect and also stay on track

  • americanpridemagazineVery special sentiment

  • soundsofimaniThe help you have been providing is opening greater understanding in utilizing social media
  • saturnmachinebandThanks for all the guidance as always


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