Not everyone is meant to be in your future


I still remember the day it started.

In a way it seems like so long ago yet it’s only been a minute.

Not everyone is meant to be in your future, some people are just passing through to teach you a lesson. And even if you get pulled in and find yourself living a life that you don’t remember wishing for, there comes a time when you are forced to respect yourself enough to say, “I deserve better”.

The next video I release is about a past experience but also about a last experience.

Without this experience I wouldn’t have the future I’ve earned. Even if I earned it the hard way.

Once you get through these things I promise you that you’ll feel like you can get through anything. They are the lessons we must learn and you can’t live to avoid them. That wouldn’t be living.

You have to live. You have to take chances and then be strong enough to pull yourself back onto the right path if you’ve mistakenly walked down the wrong one.


I’ll be sending this song to all of my subscribers so I hope you’ll become one before Sunday because I have a special package coming just for you.

It’s a thank you for getting me through when my life was killing me slowly…..

Thanks for giving me your strength and your heart.

💗💗 💗





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