Stop worrying and trust in the process


You can’t spend your life worrying about every little thing.

Focus on perfecting what you love, using it to create amazing things.

Then connect what you have been doing with others in a natural and authentic way..

The rest will come once you’ve perfected your craft but you’ve got to trust in the process.

I get at least 60 letters each day from people who are frustrated by the lack of progress in their careers.

Music business, film makers, fashion bloggers, writers, designers, artists, and business owners.

It’s always the same complaint.

Lack of attention for the amount of work they are doing. Sounds silly right? Perhaps.

I empathize with your concerns. No one likes to feel like they are wasting time.

My journey began when I was eight years old. I took my first computer class to learn coding.

I would do it whenever I could. Every free moment became about learning to perfect those skills.

Then as I was able to dedicate more time I spent it learning about the skills I needed to be great at what I loved.

The skills I learned at that time became the building blocks to my future enabling me to build my first website where I could communicate with the world.

When online websites became an outlet for creativity, I was already prepared. It was all great timing for a time when things were new.

I would document my journey on my own website and people could share in the experiences I was having in music and fashion.

Slowly that journey of perfecting my skills and letting my path develop as a result of consistently creating became more clear to me.

I learned about photography and video and social media so that I could capture my progress more effectively.

As I shared, the following grew organically through social media. People started to take an interest in different things I was learning to do.

They joined my journey for many different reasons. The stories inspired others who were curios of my slow and steady process.

I never stressed about the number of followers I had because I was more focused on learning how to tackle my challenges.

But every time I documented those challenges, people just kept jumping on board.

As I got better at telling my story, the amount of people kept growing and their reactions to things that I was doing started to lead me into pursuing some more specific areas. (niche areas of expertise)

That’s where I am today.

Teaching others how to document their journey and encouraging you to stay patient and believe in your own development just like I have all these years.

You are never done. You are a work in progress. Even the people inspiring 10 million + people are still on their journey and are still works in progress.

The big difference is they stopped worrying about how many people are following them and focused more on what they were trying to create and how they would document it.

Commit to it and trust in the process.

You will keep learning to do it better and attention for what you are doing will come when you stop worrying about getting attention for your projects and start focusing on the projects themselves with more intensity.

Tons of tools exist to document it and plenty of people are curious.

Engage with everyone who takes and interest. Care about their lives and what they are doing. Share your journey and allow others to tell you about theirs so you can be inspired and understand that your not alone. Learn from people and collaborate when you can. Allow people to get on board and take an interest and then keep showing up with them.

This dream is yours to have and the only one stopping you from having it is you. Not a social media pages lack of reach and not because no one gets you.

It’s all on your to do it better and make it better. That’s the journey that your on.

It’s really just that simple.


Side note.*****

I’m creating a podcast of this one for “IMPACT” , check back on this page today for the audio experience.

I also have an ebook and web course coming out on how to become an influencer and documenting that journey. Still a work in progress but almost done. Signup with email here on the website for info on it and also to get a reminder of these diary entries when each new one publishes.

Comments are welcome.

Tell me about your journey and struggles so we can figure them out together.

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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