Fashion doesn’t have to be fancy

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Fashion doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to make you feel good.

My sense of style comes from combining what makes me feel most comfortable with things that are flattering to my body.

This month I’m going to be talking about fun casual style and how you can mix those key hot weather trends easily into your wardobe.

Most of my investment pieces are more fall and winter wardrobe wows. In summer I typically buy a lot of yoga inspired clothing, t-shirts, lightweight denim and prints.

So before we dig into Fall and Winter (My favorite glam seasons) i’m going to post some of the looks that I’ve enjoyed this summer.

Especially the new yoga pieces I added so that I could dive a little deeper into fitness.


Jacquelinejax live life

My favorite Yogi this year seems to be Adrian. She has an amazing channel of workouts that have helped me increase my flexibility and decompress. I like her teaching style and challenges. There’s also a Yogi tea recipe I want to try.

Another awesome fitness resource is my friend Kalvin Evans. His instagram fitness Xodus Adventures is available to everyone even if you don’t live in Colorado which is where he runs these amazing retreats. He’s been helping me with my protein, cardio, and weight training routine.

I hope you’ll stay in touch so we can follow each other’s pages also on instagram and explore new ideas. ❤❤❤ .


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